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2020 favourites: Shows we loved watching this year!

This year was "happening" and a little rough , there was a lot going on around the world and yet we had so little to do. Most of us binge watched , specially during the absolute lockdown - episode after episode ; season after season. Others became active on social media platforms like twitter and were actively followed the #boycott trend , this year Indians boycotted almost everything on twitter - star kids , tanishq , bingo chips , reliance products , swiggy , zomato , Rhea Chakraborty and what not. We Indians even boycotted twitter on twitter! GENIUS.

This year , TV shows kept us sane. They were both a source of entertainment and our escape to an alternate world.

Here is the list of shows that got us through 2020 , some of these shows were released in 2020 and others weren't; 2020's void helped us discover these shows :P

1. The Haunting Of Hill House – This one for the horror enthusiasts, this show is one of the scariest shows on Netflix not only because of its supernatural elements (very well portrayed by the way, something rare to expect from a modern day American show in my opinion) but also because it touches upon deep emotional scars and the how the two elements combined together, wreak havoc on the lives of a once happy family.

(There is a sequel called The Haunting Of Bly Manor out as well!)

2. The Good Place - Even though "The Good Place" wasn't released this year, 2020 surely gave me the motivation to binge watch all the four seasons together and I can assure you that this show is nothing less than AMAZING. Eleanor, a girl from Arizona wakes up only to find out that she is dead and has woken up in the afterlife. The show is hilarious and subtly discusses philosophical ideas and human tendencies while making the viewers laugh. The storyline is unique and I would have surely loved having a Season 5 .

2020 favourite shows - the good place

3. The Crown Season 4 - The Crown Season 4 released in 2020 has been dramatic , both on and off screen. The show is "loosely" based on the the Royal Family of Britain - their stories, scandals , wedding and everything that surrounded them. "The Crown" is a Netflix original and the first three seasons were a hit, the fourth edition of "The Crown" covered Charles and Diana's marriage and its subsequent failure , Margaret Thatcher as the Prime Minister and several other incidents. This was surely an interesting watch!

2020 favourite show - the crown

4. Crash Landing On You – This is undoubtedly one of the most critically acclaimed as well as one most of the popular shows amongst Korean drama enthusiasts. If you’re one of those fans of the romance genre who dig watching polar opposites ending up together, there couldn’t be a better show to watch. Filled with thrills and twists throughout, it’s a pretty promising watch.

2020 favorite shows

5. Black Mirror – This is NOT a new show and I’m sure many of you might be aware of it, anyway this was, for me, one of the GREATEST shows I watched in 2020 because of how apocalyptic and eerie this year has been. The show consists of independent stories in each episode, based on a not-so-distant future and shows how technology and progression is actively de-humanising us. The best part of the show is how surreal and yet all too similar it feels to out current, real society. As you watch each episode, you would be flabbergasted to note this particular element. Enough to give psychological-horror fans the creeps (genuinely my favourite watch this year)

2020 favourite shows

6. Scam 1992 - Based on Sucheta Dalal's book about the Harshad Mehta scam , this was probably the most popular Indian web series of 2020 , with an IMDb rating of 9.6 , the show was loved by all, for its non - dramatic clear depiction of the story about the BIGGEST stock market scam the country had seen. The 10 episode web series about the man who deceived the Dalal Street is a MUST watch!

Know more about the Harshad Mehta Scam - Here

2020 favourite shows

7. Kingdom – Another critically acclaimed Korean Drama (with two seasons out!), it is set in the medieval Korean peninsula or the Korea's Joseon period, the show is a great dig for horror enthusiasts. The best part of the show was how neatly it portrayed the historical era and combining it with modern day zombie frenzy? GREAT move. More seasons of this shows are yet to be out but I promise that this is that one k-drama that you will absolutely not regret watching, especially because of its not-so-mainstream genre. Undoubtedly a treat to horror-thriller fans (like me :P )

2020 favourite shows

2 days to 2021?!?!?

2020 favourite shows

We wish you a VERY Happy New Year! Let us together pray for a pandemic free world.

2020 favourite shows

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