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A tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput , the nepotism debate and the layers of the current situation

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput flared up the general public , gave rise to the nepotism debate and made the people dig deeper into the issues which were previously ignored.

Karan Johar resigned from the MAMI film board , Koffee with Karan got banned , Being Human stores got vandalised in Bihar , Sonu Nigam spoke against T-Series , an old video of Abhay Deol went viral where he is speaking against T-Series and the list goes on.

Why are we raising these questions now? Where did it all begin? Does the film industry need to change its current pattern?

The lobby culture is a part of almost all fields and similarly, it is a part of the film industry too. The actors spend money , use their connections and launch their kids in movies , provide them with the necessary resources and give them a platform to showcase themselves and I think there is nothing wrong in it. Probably , "nepotism" isn't the problem at all. There have been star kids who have failed miserably ; the problem arises when these so called "star kids" begin to disrespect the so-called "outsiders" who are working hard to make their way into the industry. These outsiders are not only disrespected on national television and gossip magazines but also sidelined on general events , their talent goes unrecognised on award shows.

But why should we care?

A film in India is not just a film , it's a "trend". When people watch movies that propagate sexual violence , they definitely think it is right ; when people watch films that tell you self-destruction is okay after a breakup - one is under the impression that it is or atleast is minorly impacted by what he watches. Thus the kind of movies we watch DEFINITELY affects how we think.

When an actor/ director / singer from humble backgrounds makes his way into the industry, he gives the general public , the strugglers a hope to excel. When these actors begin to make meaningful movies , it gives them an intelligent and loving audience. With useless films being released every Friday depicting students partying and chilling all day ; "heroes" hitting their girlfriends ; girls going on frequent blind dates , when we find a movie like "Kai Po Che" or "Masaan" we feel elated. When we find a movie like "Chichhore" which actually resonates with us , we feel entertained. A film like "Uri" makes us feel proud ; and a movie like "Queen" helps us understand the value of freedom in a subtle way and when the people who make these amazing movies are sidelined , defamed , disrespected and are forced to give up their life , it feels personal.

Fun fact- Filmfare gave the best debut award to Sooraj Pancholi for "Hero" the same year when Vicky Kaushal debuted in "Masaan"

Time and again actors have committed suicide due to the pressure the industry puts on them , the #metoo movement also disclosed "some" such stories. Actress Jiah Khan, well known for a role in Ghajni and Housefull committed suicide , her mother struggled to give justice to her daughter but her voice was shut.

Next time you go to watch a "trash" movie starring an actor's / producer's relative , remember it is you who is giving them this power to exploit , sideline and disrespect a "deserving" outsider.

Sushant Singh Rajput was no doubt an amazing actor and he litreally stole my heart with his very first movie "Kai Po Che". The lively "Ish" , a true friend and a man who valued relationships more than he valued money. Whenever I rewatch the movie the love for his character rekindles. Would it be the same had someone else played that role?

Sarfaraz in "PK" , he stole the show with just a "char kadam" short role in the movie. Then came "Kedarnath" ; I remember my board exams were a month away still I couldn't resist watching the movie when it got digitally released and yes, the ending broke my heart a little.

And how can I forget , Shudh desi romance where he played a confused yet charming boy living in the beautiful city of Jaipur. 

Every character he played made an impact and in some cases changed the way I perceived life.

May your soul rest in peace.

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