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Amazing yet underrated "feel-good" songs you should DEFINITELY check out!

1. Lighter Maachis - The Tamashbeens

Such an underrated "feel good" song, THIS SONG DEFINITELY MAKES THE DAY BETTER. We definitely need more songs like these :) Sadly, this song is not on spotify.

2. Shayad - Taba Chake

Another beautiful underrated song with such a cute video,

3. When we feel Young - When Chai met Toast

I like most of the songs by When Chai Met Toast but this one is really good. They blend languages and lyrics very well ; in one of their songs they used tamil, hindi and english and they made it sound nothing less than beautiful.

4. Tune Kaha - Prateek Kuhad

If you haven't heard Prateek Kuhad's songs till now, GO CHECK THEM OUT NOW. I liked this unplugged version of "tune kaha" a lot, also check out his other songs "kasoor" , "go" and "into the night" and thankfully all of them are available on Spotify.

5. Khush toh Hai Na - Osho Jain

Such an underrated song, this one is not the typical "feel good" song but everything falls into place effortlessly in this one- the music, the lyrics and the fabulous voice of the artist.

If you have any song suggestions, write them in the comments section! Write to us at

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