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  • Swastik Kumar Panda

Are we being too polically correct nowadays?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Political correctness is a term which has regularly been used in the media. However its frequency has increased significantly in the recent few years. The lack of political correctness has somehow always been associated with the right-wing politicians. For them, political correctness has always been a tool espoused by the liberals and is often seen as part of the left-liberal ideology. Political correctness in essence means being respectful towards the sentiments of various communities, especially disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Now the question arises – Are we being too politically correct? The answer to this question is not definite. Different people have different perspectives on this issue. We have to see this issue from the viewpoint of a larger section of people. Now to understand political correctness, we have to understand politics and the ideology prevalent around the world today. The rise of nationalist, strong, and right-wing governments around the world provides us an important clue. For the common masses, political correctness has always been associated with the privileged elites and urban residents of the country. The thought of thinking about others’ emotions before speaking is an alien concept for most of the rural population.

On one hand, political correctness is necessary for the maintenance of harmony and brotherhood in society. On the other hand, too much political correctness leads to hypocrisy and mistrust in society. Often politically correct people are thought of as people who cannot speak their minds. Political correctness has increased in India and it can be said that we are focused more on being politically correct than on facts. A recent case emerged in Germany, where a woman was raped by an immigrant and she revealed the exact identity of the attacker after few days. When she was asked about this, she answered that she did not want the immigrants to be targeted and thus she lied initially. This is an example of political correctness at its absurd extreme level. Thus, there is a fine line of political correctness that should be maintained in the society – too little and it breaks the society while too much of it makes the society hollow.

Too much "political correctness" can result in a society that hides from reality, covers the actual situation with a curtain of "political correctness" and restricts people from calling out others even when it is necessary and valid.

Is it important to be politically correct? Absolutely yes. But being politically correct IN EVERY SITUATION, AT ALL TIMES, can do more harm than good. Each individual must maintain a balance, it is extremely important to decide where one should speak out without worrying about being politically correct and where one should keep quiet for the sake of the integrity of our society.

Today, as a society we are trying too hard to be politically correct which is creating absurd scenarios. People are afraid to speak up or post their political opinions on social media about a particular issue.