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5 tricks to boost your mental health - a happier version of you

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

From the very beginning we have been taught how to read , write , achieve and prosper but did anyone teach you how to be happy? How to feel satisfied for a few minutes or how to relax?

The emphasis on "happiness" has always been less because we have always thought that it is something that comes naturally but does it? Maybe not.

According to WHO , every 40 seconds one person commits suicide and the leading cause of suicide is depression. But instead of talking to of "systematic sorrow" , what if we start talking about "systematically" creating happiness.

When we start believing that one can achieve happiness after having those "perfect" scores, the "perfect" salary or the "perfect" body, half the game is lost there and then.

A few tricks to boost your mood and "CREATE" happiness -

1. Invest 5 minutes today in writing down 7 day to day things that make you happy and try incorporating them in your day to day life. These 7 things might be as small as having a cup of coffee with music or dancing , reading a book , painting , cooking , blogging. ANYTHING.

Do one thing each day and you will eventually notice a boost in your mood.

2. Journalise. Not everyday but on some days when you feel overwhelmed. Even though everyone tells us to "talk" our anxieties away but on most days it isn't really possible to talk. Also, is it fair to pass on your anxiety to a close friend or family member? Instead, write it away.

3. Free yourself from social media. Every now and then I delete the social media applications and just try interacting with my friends over a call or maybe just write an e-mail to them. Yes, an e-mail. Writing e-mails is fun, try it yourself, like it is better than chatting in most cases. If you are not eccentric enough, stick to phone calls but avoid social media.

4. Try alternatives to Instagram like Pinterest and Tumblr. Pinterest is my personal favourite. It is a one stop destination for everything creative- art, fashion, movies , videos , food. EVERYTHING. Try it yourself.

5. Is there something you are passionate about? But you couldn't so it or maybe you just don't have the time now. There is always time. Jump into what you like, it is better to jump into stuff than to ask yourself "what if?"

I started blogging on Google's Blogger last year and during the quarantine, I randomly thought of creating this website, I had no idea how it is done and frankly, I am NOT AT ALL a tech geek. So, naturally I was confused. It was then that my mom told me "if you feel like it, DO IT." We all need that final push.

I have not told you all anything extraordinary, we all know these steps. Don't we? But, again, we all need that little push. Take the first step towards building a happier you.

Boost your mental health and create a happier version of you!

Be kind to your mind!

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