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Brooklyn nine nine : Iconic B99 cold opens you may or may not remember!


The only right words to define Brooklyn Nine Nine. One of the only shows that talk about the complexities of life in the most humorous way possible. From epic Halloween heists and to episodes talking about racial inequalities, the show has delivered some great stories over a total of seven seasons. Season 8 is currently in the works.

Here are some of the iconic cold-opens from Brooklyn Nine Nine -

1. Season 5, Episode 17 When Jake made the suspects sing I want it that way.

If someone sings “now, number 5” during I want it that way by Backstreet boys, you know they’re a Brooklyn 99 fan. This scene has its own separate fan-base. ICONIC!

2.Season 4, Episode 7 When the squad did impressions of Captain Holt.

“Who here does the best impression of Captain Raymond Holt? You’ll be judged on voice, body language and overall lack of flair.”

3. Season 1, Episode 21

Caption Holt turning up with a sprained wrist causing chaos in the squad, even more chaos for Jake when he told him the reason was hoopla-hooping knowing no one would believe him.

Brooklyn nine nine cold open

4. Season 5, Episode 6 When Rosa chucked D-holes into Jake’s mouth.

“Nothin’ but mouth” Another iconic cold-open.

5. Season 6, Episode 17

Jake tried to prank Captain Holt, wait for it, by moving the podium half an inch.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open

6. Season 2, Episode 22 When the squad tries to get Gina to look away from her phone.

“First person to make her look up wins the pot.”

7.season 3, episode 11

Something you’d never expect. Captain Raymond Holt dancing in a street fight.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open

8. Season 7, Episode 7

“Madeline Wuntch is dead”. When Captain Holt compared her to a Korean toilet ghost and was exceptionally hilarious in this episode.

9. Season 6, Episode 11

When everyone played “Boyle bullpen bottle bowling”.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open


Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open

10. Season 6, Episode 13

When Captain Holt crafted high-fives with everyone in the office except Jake to punish him for being late.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open

Brooklyn nine nine season 7 will now be available on Netflix!