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Budget Travel Hacks for 2022: How to travel on a budget in India!

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I travelled a lot throughout 2021 and it has definitely taught me how to squeeze my travel plans in a smaller budget so that I can cover a lot of locations. Here's a list of Budget Travel Hacks you can use in 2022 to cover a number of locations in a limited budget. I hope these travel hacks facilitate your travel plans in 2022 and so does the Covid situtation.

Budget Travel hacks 2022 India

Book flight tickets in advance - The first, most important hack is to book your flight tickets in advance, on most occasions they tend to be cheaper, also you can use "Google Flights" to check the prices of different locations, dates and airlines. Google flights to the rescue!

Book tickets directly from the airline app- I like booking my tickets directly from the airline's app, it's trustworthy and the convenience fees is mostly lower. I mostly use the Vistara app to book tickets and would definitely recommend that to you. You can download the Vistara app here. Vistara offers a premium economy feature which is comfortable for longer flights and also economical.

This year I booked a round trip (Delhi to Guwahati) from the Vistara app in ADVANCE and could avail the tickets for 7100/- under premium economy, it was a good experience and 7100/- for a round trip is not bad at all!

During off season, you might find flights for as low as 1800/-

Research before you book- A little research would take you a long way, this one is an underrated travel hack. Just some google search won't help, if possible talk to a local or a mutual friend or someone who has visited the particular place, collect recommendations and hear their experience. Additionally you can also subscribe to travel blogs/newsletters, I absolutely love Lexie Limitless' Newsletter, you can check that out here- , Lexie is the youngest person to travel every country, she usually sends an interesting newsletter with some Bucket list locations, Travel hacks and more.

Also, if you want access to my Travel newsletters, scroll down and fill in your email id.

Talk to a local in advance- I know I covered this in the previous point, but if possible always talk to a trustworthy local before visiting a place, he/she might tell you locations and experiences Google won't. The best recommendations come from locals!

Avoid the usual tourist spots, once in a while- Sometimes, avoiding the tourist spots can be a good idea. This year I visited Arunachal Pradesh and I totally avoided the usual tourist route, I was lucky that friend lived in the state and I could travel like a local with her! We went to her hometown, Yazali in Arunachal Pradesh, away from the tourists, spent a day in the jungle where we cooked fish and rice in bamboo! Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh has been on my bucket list since I was in class 10 and interestingly, it was just 1 hour away from Yazali. Add Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh to your bucket list now.

Budget Travel hacks 2022 India
Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Group travel to share the costs- Travelling in a group is always more affordable, a lot of expenditures get divided. If you don't have a big friend group to travel with find travel pages on instagram who organize affordable trips. This way you can meet new people on your adventures. Different travel companies offer amazing group travel deals which you can avail. If you live in Delhi, it's even easier to avail these deals since most of these tours start from Delhi. I went on a Trek with Twist and Tours and had an amazing experience.

You can follow them on Instagram and keep a track of the trips they offer. You can find tours in the range of Rs. 7000 to Rs.25000 here.

Budget Travel hacks 2022 India
Himachal Pradesh, India

Carry your student ID, avail student discounts wherever possible- If you are a student, you should carry your student ID at all times, if you are afraid that it might get lost, duplicate the ID and keep it in your wallet all the time. You can avail student discounts in a lot of places using the student ID, for example, the student ticket price at Amer Fort in Jaipur is Rs.20 while for other Indian citizens it is over Rs. 100, similarly at Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, the student ticket price is just Rs. 5, using a student ID while travelling can get you a lot of small discounts which can help you save a lot throughout the trip.

Pro Tip: Belgium Waffle offers a 20% student discount, which you can avail by showing your student ID.

Choose hostels or luxury camping sites for a fun party vibe- You can choose hostels or luxury camping sites over hotels to not just save money but for the fun party vibe and to meet new people. I stayed at Camp Crossfire in Rishikesh and the evening vibe was amazing- bonfire, music, dance and conversations. Their package included all meals, rafting as well. Camp Crossfire is near Ganga river and you can easily do a mini trek to the banks to Ganga and chill there for a while. Check out Camp Crossfire's website here -

Budget Travel hacks 2022 India
Ganga, near Camp Crossfire

You can also book Zostels while travelling solo or with a very small group, here's the Zostel website - , you can book directly from the website.

That was all for today! What is on your travel bucket list for 2022? Share in the comments section below or you can also email your bucket list at , that will help us plan the next posts and will also help us connect and discuss travel and more!

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