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Candid conversations : Shows you should NOT watch, college experiences , addictive songs and more

Decided to write a second "Candid Conversations" article because a lot of you liked the first one and honestly, talking continuously about random stuff is all I like to do. In this case , I am just writing about it :P

An average day is all about online classes assignments , good music and trashy shows. And I HAVE A LOT TO SAY about trashy shows. On most occasions , I am throwing around movie/ show recommendations but today is a different day. Let's talk about a few movies / shows you shouldn't watch.

I recently watched Masaba Masaba on Netflix and I seriously think it is overhyped , overdramatic and all over the place. It doesn't follow a set storyline and the show is "loosely" based on the lives of Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta. Special attention on the word "loosely" because they added way too much spice and some events that never took place. I kept watching it in the hope agla episode thik ho shayad. Nevermind.

Also, I watched bits and pieces of Bobby Deol's Ashram and if you just want to relax and chill mat dekho. Panic attack aajayega. Although, I think the show is a good attempt to show how these so called spiritual leaders create an empire of lies. However, if "dark" content relaxes you, find something else :P

Also, my friend recommended this amazing song by a fresh artist and I am almost addicted to it. Give it a try. Hear it a couple of times to get addicted ;)

At this point, I miss college a lot. I just spent just eight months there and I really look forward to spend more time with my friends and the next term "might" be online again. Online classes are pretty much a waste of money , time , energy and data. I feel my productivity graph is going down each day and I have no inspiration to learn. I am usually motivated to do a lot of stuff and I juggle between my website , art , studies, learning new stuff , freelancing , internships and I have even started creating videos but now a days I feel unproductive and more like a dumb sloth. Gift me some sanity and mental energy please. I think the trashy shows have impacted my capabilities. Oh , and coming back to them Netflix released the first two seasons of keeping up with the Kardashians a couple of months ago , I binged watched them because they are dumb and crazy yet addictive and then I totally forgot they existed and a week ago while I was chilling and continuing with my life and then Netflix released the next two seasons, I watched them too and now I am addicted. Current status : Season 7 episode 11. As if my life lacked drama.

Pro tip: don't watch it if you want a normal addiction free life.

The one thing I miss about college is the fun we had in our hostel rooms - dancing around , cooking , watching movies together, gossip sessions in the evening mess ; Sunday trips to the city , the Knowledge Resource Center aka library, the S.T.O.R.E ( or the canteen for those who don't know our "kathor culture" ) and most importantly I miss some of my friends a lot. Wait, I had to name "one" thing.

In B schools sleep is a luxury , most of my classmates pulled all nighters before exams, sometimes to celebrate birthdays and other times to meet deadlines. In such an active environment, some days I used to sleep for 12 hours straight. I once slept for 16 hours straight . I still remember , it felt like I missed a day or something. My phone had tons of missed calls and messages. I skipped an event , 2 meals and it almost felt like the world shifted while I was asleep.

Pro tip: Don't sleep for that long while in a B school, you will spend the next 8 hours figuring out the stuff that happened while you weren't around.

Ending this here, with a subtle promotion of my YT channel.

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Adiós, amigo

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