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Candid Conversations: My 19th birthday, starting my YouTube Channel and more

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

There was a lot going on this month and I almost forgot that this website existed: online classes, more online classes, assignments and more assignments. Firstly, I turned 19 this month! Yay! Should I be excited? I don't know, I don't wish to find out. Also, I started my YouTube channel this month, right now it is limited to sketchbook tours, drawing etc. but who knows I might try other genres as well.

Check out this video! Don't you think the intro looks great? My friend created it, do check out his amazing editing skills on Instagram @Cyberart

Not kidding, the online classes have sucked the life out of us. Sitting in front of my screen from morning 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM is annoying , my eyes hurt and some concepts are almost impossible to understand the "virtual way". Can't wait to go back to the campus and resume my "hostel dazz".

Great playlists, trashy shows and never ending online classes makes an average day. Still I have to admit that my birthday was pretty peaceful. Every birthday, I find myself writing an exam- first class se lekar first year tak. Some birthdays I found myself struggling with that big fat R.D Sharma book everyone hated. This time it was different ;)

Since calling friends over or partying in CP is unsafe, pointless and irresponsible right now, I stayed at home just to realize that some quality time with family and good food are the key ingredients of a good day!

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Slowly and steadily everything is opening up and colleges and schools might start functioning soon, this has been a stressful year. However, it was a great opportunity to transform , grow and develop our skills. Some people around me started working out, some learnt new skills; a few days ago I saw my 12 year old neighbour gardening and he was literally doing a great job and he learnt gardening from scratch during the quarantine period.

I always wanted to start a website but obviously I needed a lot of help and time for it so I never acted on it but this year I could act on my plan. This is definitely a hard time but let's embrace what we've got and come out of this period as a better individual.

Lately, I am loving drawing cartoons. Check out my latest video about the same.

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Thanks for reading!

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