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Coke Studio songs you should listen to RIGHT NOW!!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Coke Studio songs have a different vibe altogether and even if they make a remake, they make sure they repackage it so beautifully that sometimes it looks better than the original. If you find yourself listening to some of them on loop, it isn't your fault friend.

Here are some Coke studio songs I absolutely love - ( some of them aren't on spotify, try wynk or Youtube instead )

1. Afreen Afreen - This one is really really popular and if not the new, you would probably have heard the older version of this one. The coke studio version is sung by Momina Mustehsan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan AND AND it's beautiful and addictive.

2. Tera woh pyaar - Another masterpiece. Again, sung by Momina Mustehsan along with Asim Azhar. Not kidding, these songs will make you realise how beautiful Urdu is :)

3. Muntazir - "Muntazir" is an Urdu word which means "one who waits". And, now since you are in the flow already, check this one also. All of these songs are beautiful; the lyrics definitely deserve more appreciation and these songs are literally underrated while the useless Bollywood remakes get millions of views. SO GO CHECK THEM OUT.

4. Agar Tum Saath ho and Maahi Ve ( Mixtape version)- I am kinda breaking the rules here, this is not a coke studio song but it is definitely amazing. It is a mixtape version where they have clubbed the two songs.

5. Latthay di Chaddar- This song is slightly different from the rest, you will like it a lot or you will not like it at all.

Some of these songs are Pakistani but if you guys check out the comments section, you will find how people from both India , Pakistan and other countries have expressed love for the song and each other's cultures. Absolutely, no hate.

Politics divides, Art unites. Read that again.

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