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Delighted Humans Language Learning Community- You can join it too!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Hey Fam,

It's almost 2022 and this should be the year of exploring, if not new places new hobbies and definitely new languages. I was pretty productive for the first half of 2021 when it came to learning languages, the second half was a bit dull as I didn't practice my language skills. While learning a language, it is hard to stay motivated all the time so we launched the "Delighted Humans Language Community" on Telegram (for now), we might launch it on Slack/Discord or let us know if you have any other platform in mind.

Our Language Learning Community on Telegram is an open space where everyone can share cheat sheets, their experiences while learning a new language, introduce themselves to other language learners and even find someone learning the same language, everyone can join the community, here's the link - https://t.me/joinchat/AP5jEpC96dU2M2Y1

Don't worry even if you are an absolute beginner, you might be able to figure out the languages you like and learning something new is never bad idea.

Delighted Humans Language Learning Community

Resolution 2022? Learn a new language!

Language learning apps I would recommend - "Duolingo", "Memrise", "Chineasy" for learning the Mandarin characters and "Learn Czech" if you are into Czech

You can also learn a new language using Netflix, use this extention called "Language Learning with Netflix" and watch shows in different languages to get a hold of a particular langauge.

Korean shows I would suggest if you are trying to learn Korean - The fan favourite "Crash Landing on You", the OG Korean Show "Descendants of the Sun", a little too realistic "Something in the Rain" and a Korean Show on Time Travel "Tomorrow with you", also you should watch "Squid Game". You can find all these shows on Netflix. Also, Netflix is slashing its subscription prices in India which is a great news for the Indian consumers and a much needed marketing tactic to penetrate into the Indian market.

Well, now you can utilise your Netflix subscription for some good!

But why should you learn a new language?

Learning a new language would open new opportunities for you; you can apply to work abroad, take up International gigs if you are a freelancer, conduct online language workshops, classes and webinars on platforms like Zoom and Kohbee , which are absolutely free and network with people from all around the globe. Plus, you can travel comfortably in new countries and while sitting at home you can explore a variety of different content from all around the world.

If you are exploring French you can check out "Dix Pour Cent", you can also check out the French Movie "Spolied Brats".

Join the "Delighted Humans Langauge Learning Community" NOW!

Also, if you are a language educator or know a language really well - French, Czech, German, Spanish, Arabic or even a lesser known language and are interested in conducting workshops for the learners, email us at delightedhumans@gmail.com and we will facilitate the process.

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