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Do you need a digital detox? Here's how you can do it!

We all know the benefits of putting our phones down and taking some time offline but in a highly technologized world getting a break from screens can feel almost impossible. We work on computers, connect to people through video calls and unwind by watching TV. Technology is woven into every part of our lives and taking a digital detox can feel incredibly hard. However, it is essential for our mental health and eyes. So how do you have a digital detox?

Digital Detox

Hi everyone! Before we dive into this blog post, I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I am Megan Hollis, I am from the UK and have my own blog called Concentrated Sunshine!

Through Concentrated Sunshine, I share feel-good inspiration, recipes, yoga, meditation classes and much much more! I would absolutely love to meet you guys, if you want to connect with me make sure to check out all of the links below! I also have a YouTube channel, where I share yoga flows and meditation videos, as I am training to become a yoga teacher! I feel honoured to be writing this article for Delighted Humans, I really hope you enjoy it!

Before we start, if you are wondering whether you even need a digital detox or are unsure of how healthy your relationship with technology is then make sure to take this quiz