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Do you need a digital detox? Here's how you can do it!

We all know the benefits of putting our phones down and taking some time offline but in a highly technologized world getting a break from screens can feel almost impossible. We work on computers, connect to people through video calls and unwind by watching TV. Technology is woven into every part of our lives and taking a digital detox can feel incredibly hard. However, it is essential for our mental health and eyes. So how do you have a digital detox?

Digital Detox

Hi everyone! Before we dive into this blog post, I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I am Megan Hollis, I am from the UK and have my own blog called Concentrated Sunshine!

Through Concentrated Sunshine, I share feel-good inspiration, recipes, yoga, meditation classes and much much more! I would absolutely love to meet you guys, if you want to connect with me make sure to check out all of the links below! I also have a YouTube channel, where I share yoga flows and meditation videos, as I am training to become a yoga teacher! I feel honoured to be writing this article for Delighted Humans, I really hope you enjoy it!

Before we start, if you are wondering whether you even need a digital detox or are unsure of how healthy your relationship with technology is then make sure to take this quiz. It will give you a good idea of how useful your screen habits are and a little bit of self-reflection can go a long way in terms of motivation. Even just looking at your screen time use throughout the day or watching how often you feel the urge to pick up your phone can be enormously helpful. Questioning our screen habits and trying to ditch unhealthy ones is so important, really everyone in the modern world needs a break from their screens.

The first step to having a successful digital detox (or even spending less time online) is to decide on a few days where it will be easiest and plan in advance. For example, if your work is on a computer don’t take a digital detox on a workday. Once you have decided on the day or days, begin to make a plan and organize things before the day begins. We don’t realise how intertwined technology is with our everyday life until we try and take a break and find ourselves stuck!

If you want to take a completely digital detox, consider where you use technology in life and think of ways that you can get around this.

Let’s say you use your phone as an alarm clock, maybe you need to buy an alarm clock before starting your digital detox.

It is also essential to realise that you don’t have to take a total detox to feel the benefits. Even spending less time online or taking a break from social media can be highly beneficial. You must do what works for you rather than feel pressured to be perfect and have a total digital detox. Being kind to yourself if you look at your phone or watch TV is necessary. Having a digital detox requires so much self-control as technology is addictive, research has shown that social media creates the same pathways in the brain as those with drug addiction. This is insane! As social media is designed to draw us in we need to have a lot of willpower and determination to not go on our phones. If you want to understand the importance of taking some time offline to motivate you to switch off, here is an article I wrote on my blog about the importance of having a digital detox.

Planning non-screen-related activities to try during your digital detox is a great way to keep you occupied. Maybe you arrange to meet friends, go for a walk, try a new yoga class or pick up a book. Whatever it is, find some entertainment so you don’t end up ridiculously bored and reach for your phone. When I take a digital detox I live to spend time in nature and reconnect to my body through yoga and meditation but find what works best for you. If there is something that you’ve wanted to do for ages but feel as if you haven’t had the time to do that, the great thing about a digital detox is the huge amount of time you gain- fill it doing the things you love.

Make sure to let others know that you’re going to be taking some time away from your phone so that they don’t try to text or call you in an emergency. If you have a landline tell people to call that or just inform them that you won’t be picking up your phone for a few days and will get back to them later. That way you won’t have to worry about letting people down or missing something important. Allowing you to fully relax into the experience.

After your digital detox is finished it is important to reflect on your experience and decide which bits you want to take with you into daily life. Maybe spending less time on social media felt incredible or unwinding in the evening with a book or yoga class rather than TV was wonderful. Integrate things that felt good into your day-to-day life and you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes. I take a detox from social media every Sunday and try to avoid it for at least two weeks every few months. This helps to keep me sane and stops me from becoming addicted and comparing myself to others online. If you feel this would be helpful for you add it into your routine.

If taking a digital detox feels impossible to you at the moment, that is fine. There are many small things that you can do every day, that make a massive difference. These include, physically setting screen time limits on your phone, only following people on social media who make you feel good and not using technology before bed. Implementing a few positive tech habits into your life will help you to improve your relationship with technology and feel better about yourself. Even though it can feel hard, it is definitely worth the effort.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to read more like this make sure to check out my blog and follow me on social media!

Megan x

Digital Detox

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