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Essential Apps for college students: Apps every college student must use to make their lives easier!

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Almost everything is digital right now from classes, competitions to internships and live projects and to cope up, organize and findopportunities in this digital world, here are a few apps that will help you out.

Some apps that I regularly use are D2c app (Dare2Compete) for participating in B-school competitions and case studies, Google Notes to note down those random blog ideas, Duolingo for some language learning and Linkedin to find internships and opportunities. These are some apps I just cannot live without, select your app bundle according to your needs!


PPTs, Insta stories, birthday invitations, resume, posts , videos - Canva is the one app that can help you do it all! This year Google has listed Canva under the BEST APP FOR TABLETS. You can also use their website on your laptop for a better user experience. Group assignments, competitions and Presentations - to the rescue.

Essential apps for college students

Spaces by Wix

If you love to read blogs and awesome content from various categories, this is the app for you. It's more or less like the "Medium app" except its free! I frequently use Spaces by Wix to feel inspired, get some ideas and I can share my blogs too there, the audience response on Spaces by Wix is amazing.


Duolingo is the OG app! Gamification at its best. If you want to develop your interest in a certain language, this is the app. You can learn a bunch of Languages on Duolingo from French, Czech, Chinese to Welsh, Finnish and even some endangered languages.

Essential apps for college students


Are you a crypto enthusiast? Or if you have always wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, you can try using CoinDCX, the interface of the app is good and beginner friendly. You can start experimenting with crypto today. (If it doesn't get banned :P )

CoinDCX is India's first crypto unicorn.

Essential apps for college students


While I was preparing for IPMAT/ CAT, the Unacademy app was really helpful. Once in a while you can always watch videos of solved questions, shorcuts, tricks and techniques.

Google Notes

This app is a life saver. Note down all your crazy ideas anytime, anywhere! I usually curate blogs while travelling on the notes app and since it is linked with the gmail account, one can easily copy paste the content on wordpress/wix later on your laptop.


If you are preparing for some sort of entrance exam, telegram can facilitate your prep! There are several channels dedicated to CAT aspirants, UPSC aspirants and so on. Also, one can find awesome communities on telegram. If you are still not a part of our Delighted Humans Community on telegram, Join now -

Essential Apps for college students

Here is a list of chrome extentions you can use - Link

That was all for today!

Any app recommendations from your side? Comment below.

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