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Goodbye 2022!

Christmas Eve, 2022

Is this happiness?

What is happiness?

Were you happy this year?

Year In Review

2022 was full of adventures/misadventures. As I look back, I see a ride, a bumpy roller coaster ride; the ride escalated everything. I started the year with a small vacation in Rajasthan, the lockdown year(s) had adversely impacted my mental health and the small vacay was a nice break from the monotony.

Out of the blue, in March, I decided to leave my home for some new adventures. Yup, that happened. And I shifted to Bangalore- no contacts, no place to stay; I had to start fresh in a new city. But before this big shift, I decided to travel a bit. A grand Goa trip was followed by meeting my school friend in Mumbai and then it was time to shift.

First week in Bangalore, I was confused and miserable. I had impulsively booked a PG, the first was one that was available. In my defense, not many were available. I was allotted a small room in a <not so> nice area of town. The unfamiliarity was killing me. I didn't like the food, the place I stayed in and then eventually, it all made sense.

I met the best people, had the nicest roommate and developed bonds I never would have if I hadn't left home.

It was difficult, it was beautiful.

Sunsets from my PG in Bangalore
Sunsets from my PG in Bangalore

The change from my hometown to a big city that I had never been too, which was far far from my culture and what I perceived as "home" was a hard one but what a journey!

The next three months meant unlimited parties, a cool first job experience, continuous house hunting and appreciating a new culture.

Bangalore Toca Club
Unlimited clubbing ft. Bangalore

June 30th, I shifted again. This time from Bangalore to Rohtak to pursue my MBA at IIM Rohtak. Another HUGE change. I love change but I also panic a lot when I am uprooted from one place and planted to another but eventually I try to bloom with grace.

IIM Rohtak Campus
IIM Rohtak Campus

I joined campus on 30th June 2022 and I would be lying if I said that all of this has been a cakewalk. This time it wasn't just a pressure to accommodate in a new area but to also fit in, perform academically, make new friends, eat shit mess food, sit for placements, get rejected, fall and rise back. Our campus is situated in a remote area of Haryana and travel is difficult, inconvenient and expensive. There are restrictions on going out of campus. From a life full of freedom, parties, travel and INDEPENDENCE, I felt that I had been tied down in the middle of nowhere, struggling to finish assignments and to get a job.

Workspace hostel
Hostel Workspace

I wasn't exactly happy and eventually I decided to leave. I had decided to leave college, take up a job in a metro city and continue with my life. My parents weren't exactly happy with my decision but the thought of leaving felt fresh; I felt relieved and then I didn't leave.

I had to turn this around I thought.

Why would I leave something my younger self had worked so hard for?

I chalked out my problem areas, found solutions to some of those problems and consciously made an effort to make my life better. In the process, I ended up finding a job at my dream company in a role that I like.

College Life 2.0
College Life 2.0

This year taught me that we can always turn everything around and no, it wouldn't be easy or comfortable but it would definitely be worth it.

This is the last week of 2022 and as I look back, I realize that this year has given me everything I wanted - A better version of myself.

Isn't that everything that matters? Upgrading to a version of ourselves that we like, appreciate and our younger self can be proud of.

Merry Christmas fam!

Thank you for visiting my website and being here. I appreciate you all!

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section or you can write to me at

Some cool shots from 2022 <3

The Grub Fest'22
The Grub Fest'22

Grub fest 2022
Grub fest 2022

Truffles, Bangalore
The best Junk food - Truffles, Bangalore

best birthday cake