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Goodbye 2022!

Christmas Eve, 2022

Is this happiness?

What is happiness?

Were you happy this year?

Year In Review

2022 was full of adventures/misadventures. As I look back, I see a ride, a bumpy roller coaster ride; the ride escalated everything. I started the year with a small vacation in Rajasthan, the lockdown year(s) had adversely impacted my mental health and the small vacay was a nice break from the monotony.

Out of the blue, in March, I decided to leave my home for some new adventures. Yup, that happened. And I shifted to Bangalore- no contacts, no place to stay; I had to start fresh in a new city. But before this big shift, I decided to travel a bit. A grand Goa trip was followed by meeting my school friend in Mumbai and then it was time to shift.

First week in Bangalore, I was confused and miserable. I had impulsively booked a PG, the first was one that was available. In my defense, not many were available. I was allotted a small room in a <not so> nice area of town. The unfamiliarity was killing me. I didn't like the food, the place I stayed in and then eventually, it all made sense.

I met the best people, had the nicest roommate and developed bonds I never would have if I hadn't left home.

It was difficult, it was beautiful.

Sunsets from my PG in Bangalore
Sunsets from my PG in Bangalore

The change from my hometown to a big city that I had never been too, which was far far from my culture and what I perceived as "home" was a hard one but what a journey!

The next three months meant unlimited parties, a cool first job experience, continuous house hunting and appreciating a new culture.