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Historical rewind : 31st August 1997 , Diana's Car Crash

On this day , in 1997 , Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were killed in a car crash in Paris. This unfortunate accident shocked the world. Diana was one of the most famous Royals to have ever lived. Her popularity hasn't decreased at all , even today , brands use her name to advertise their products, for example Gucci recently launched "the Diana bag". Several movies , shows , documentaries and books have been written on Princess Diana. Each of these made an attempt to portray Princess Diana's short life from a different angle. Princess Diana's infamous BBC interview still creates problems for the British monarchy.

In the 1997 car crash , Diana died of a small rare chest injury , apart from the chest injury Diana had no major injuries and could have survived with a "few broken bones".

Diana's last words - "Oh my God, What has happened?"

For the next few months, this was the question the whole world was asking. Several conspiracy theories were floated , the tabloids went crazy , the paparazzi was blamed and the British monarchy was in danger.

Queen Elizabeth took things in her hands and gave a speech after Diana's death which cooled things down.

Recently, Prince William and Prince Harry have blamed the BBC interview for their mother , Princess Diana's death.

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