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How to prepare for DU-JAT? : The DU-JAT preparation guide

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The DU-JAT exam is a 400 marks exam for admission to BBA , BMS , BBE courses in the prestigious Delhi University.

how to prepare for DUJAT

How to Crack the Verbal Ability Section?

The VA Section for the DUJAT can be done easily. There are no hardcore grammar rules, but you require Vocabulary to be strong. Here are some tips for this section:

· Vocabulary can be done from multiple sources, such as you having an interest in reading novels or maybe you being a Hollywood fanatic (ofc not dubbed ones xD) But the safest resources are only 2: Word power made Easy and Previous Year DUJAT Papers. It’s a guarantee that Vocabulary won’t come outside these 2 sources

· If these 2 become difficult for you, here’s a shortcut: Download the VOLT App. Most of IPMAT, DUJAT and various other entrance exam questions come from this application.

· Reading Comprehensions are the soul of those 25 Questions. Practice Skim and Stop approach by stopping only at Proper nouns or Important words. But honestly, practice these thoroughly from coaching material or even online resources.

· There’s no need to remember grammar rules at all. Just have a basic understanding of editing and omissions.

· Lastly, you cannot aim at a perfect score of 25. Rather attempt 20-22 with a 95% accuracy and do not forget going through Previous Year Papers thoroughly.

How to Crack LR Section?

This section needs the least attention but 90% students keep on doing LR because its easy and fun. Note some points to avoid:

· There’s no need to practice a lot of LR. Just know what different type of questions from different topics like Syllogisms, Coding – Decoding etc. mean

· Practice Less but do practice some questions

· You can complete entire LR in 1 day as well, but make sure you have accuracy in this.

· Aim for a 100% score in this section. 85+ is more than safe score in LR.

How to Crack Quants for DUJAT?

Quants is not about study or practice, rather it is a mental trap you are in. Read these and know what to do:

· Remove the mental fear of QA. The more you fear the lesser your score will be. Find your strong areas and weak areas. Once you give the exam, you’ll feel more than your knowledge or practice it was a lot of hype that your mind created about QA rather than the actual questions.

· Do not unnecessarily practice everything. Know from Previous Year Papers which topics come more and practice only those

· Read NCERT. Yes, correct – Read it like a Novel. This will help you to do any theory questions like odd-even functions, etc.

· If you’re weak in a topic, try to just remember its formulas.

· You can watch our video to specifically help those who are non-maths or weak in maths.

Watch our videos - LINK

How to Crack GK Section?

It is the section that takes the least time only if you know the answers. Here are some tips:

· Do not worry if you don’t read newspapers. Go through monthly magazines or your course GK books. Remember, source doesn’t matter answer matters.

· Find topics from where questions come mostly. For Example, people In news and appointments come a lot. Cover them thoroughly

· Don’t try to rote learn. Re-Reading works. Weekly or even Daily revision will be helpful.

How to prepare for DUJAT

What’s your take on giving mocks?

They are helpful, but don’t overdo them. In the last 1 month, one mock every 2-3 days is sufficient. Analysis and working upon the results are important. My experience says more than mocks do the previous year papers and focus on syllabus completion

What should be my Exam Attempt strategy?

There is no set strategy. It depends on difficulty level of the questions. But here are few tips to keep in mind:

· Follow the approach of doing 100% sure short questions first, then coming to questions you think you can do and lastly do the ones where you want try your luck or ones you think are long or tough.

· DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TIME. You will feel that once you are doing the exam, there is sufficient time for you to easily complete and revise as well.

· For a good rank and top college like SSCBS, focus on accuracy. For example, attempt 85-89 questions with 90-95% accuracy.

· Remember, DUJAT is not a test of your knowledge or skills, it is a test of beating others in a stipulated time limit. Here strategy and accuracy matter more than conceptual learning. Do not over-complicate it. Filling the Correct Answer, that’s the only thing which will matter

Resources that will help you crack the exam -

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  2. DU-JAT guide- Link

  3. Word power made easy - Link

  4. DU-JAT tips and tricks - Link

  5. Tricks to tackle the maths section - Link

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