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How to prepare for IPMAT Rohtak ? - A not so "complicated" guide

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Step one , don't freak out ; it's not UPSC. Preparing for IPMAT can be challenging , not because the exam is tough but because -

1. One doesn't know where to start

2. There is a lot of noise around it with coaching centres charging a lot for the "IPM prep" and everyone telling you how "tough" it is to crack the exam.


This is why I wanted to write a step by step guide for the aspirants on how to MAKE IT HAPPEN without spending a fortune on coaching institutes. However , you might require some kind of mentorship or a few maths lessons ( if you are a non- maths student) .

The IPM exam ( IPMAT Rohtak ) is divided into three sections -

1. Verbal Ability

2. Logical Reasoning

3. Quantitative ability

Note - The 2020 exam would have sectional time limit ; also , higher maths is not a part of IPMAT Rohtak.

For Verbal Ability -

1. Boost your vocabulary which includes phrasal verbs , idioms , synonyms , one word substitution ; expect 5-7 vocabulary based questions.

Sources to refer - YouTube videos / vocabulary flashcards ( Link )

Also , you can make notes of the words you find hard to remember.

2. Brush your basic grammar topics ( articles , conjunctions , modifiers , prepositions )

Sources - CAT previous year papers , Verbal Ability for CAT or any other book on the same lines.

(Some resources will be attached in the end of the blog.)

3. Reading Comprehension - Increase your reading speed ; you can do this by reading books ( if you are writing the exam in '21 or '22 ) , otherwise start practicing RCs from the "Verbal Ability for CAT" books ( they also contain grammar questions)

For Logical Reasoning-

1. Logical Reasoning is the only section which doesn't require any intense practice. However , solve some coding- decoding questions , directions , blood relations.

2. The most important topic of this section is Arrangement and grouping. Learn the concept and practice 15-20 questions of the same. In most cases , that should be enough.

3. Also , check out the tricks to solve critical reasoning and syllogism questions.

For Quantitative Ability -

1. The major topics for the quants section are - Time and work ; time , speed , distance ; percentages ; profit and loss ; mixtures and alligations ; permutation and combination ; probability; simple and compound interest.

Most of these topics have been covered in our previous classes , therefore they wouldn't be "very new" to you.

2. Try finding shortcut tricks and techniques to solve questions as the target is not just to solve the questions but to solve them within a minute.

3. If you are a non maths student , I would recommend RS Aggarwal for Quantitative Aptitude ( Link ) as you will find all types of questions in it from basic to slightly difficult and the difficulty rises steadily.

However , if you are good in maths refer Quantitative Ability for CAT by Gautam Puri.

Fun fact : 7-8 questions in last year's IPMAT were taken from previous year CAT paper without changing the digits.

Also , the format of the section is almost similar to that of CAT.

Tip- Before sitting for the actual exam, solve atleast 3 mocks so that you have a pre planned strategy in mind.

Some resources for you all -

1. Percentage concepts - Link

2. Percentage important ques - Link

3. Profit and loss - Link

4. Permutations and combination - Link

5. RS Aggarwal for Quantitative Aptitude - Link

6. Vocabulary Flash cards - Link

7. Quantitative Ability for CAT - Link

8. Verbal Ability - Link

9. Preparation strategy - Link

10. Other useful videos- Link

These resources would really be helpful and would boost your prep. However, do not buy both the Quantitative ability books - choose one. If you are a non maths student I would recommend RS Aggarwal otherwise select QA for CAT.

Still have doubts? Write to me at ; I am a student at IIM Rohtak ( IPM) or you can simply fill this google form - Link

We will be coming up with similar tips on DU-JAT and other exams so don't forget to subscribe ( Just scroll down and fill in your email id ) !

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