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I spent more than Rs. 30 lakh in Online Marketing Campaigns - Here is a list of things that matter

In the last one year, I have created numerous online marketing campaigns.

(total ad spend > Rs.30 lakhs)

Here is a list of everything (not everything ;) that matters while running an online ad -

1. Platform - Choose your platform wisely. Keep in mind - your budget, if there is relevant audience on that platform, the scale of the campaign, duration of the campaign, the number and the type of ad assets you have/ can create.

2. Ad creatives - Make them catchy. Or just stay relevant. Choose your side. Making a catchy ad campaign for lead generation can get you a ton of leads but might end up giving you may irrelevant ones.

That's where you don't win.

Choose your side. Create a visually appealing creative that WINS.

3. Landing page- Where is your audience landing when they click the ad. Your landing page should be informative, catchy yet to the point with the right CTAs at the right places ( or just one floating CTA :P )

4. Profile - Running ads via a profile with 9 followers is not a good idea. Your potential Leads will think thrice before clicking on the landing page.

Build your profile first. Or atleast sprinkle your persona on the profile.

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