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My IPM IIM-R interview experience and a few relevant "tips"

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The IPM IIM-R interviews start this month so I thought of sharing my interview experience with you all.

This time the interviews will be conducted online due to the pandemic and the online mode has its own pros and cons. Make sure the quality of your webcam is decent , avoid giving the interview on your phone and DRESS APPROPRIATELY.

One common question I have been asked by a number of aspirants is whether you should carry a resume or not.

Though, carrying a resume is not necessary, the resume is an effective way to present yourself, the resume might just shape your interview positively and in a direction you like.

For example - If your resume mentions that you have won several art competitions , the interviewers might start questioning you about art. If you are comfortable with the topic that the interviewer picks, half your game is won.

On the other hand, if the interviewer picks up a random subject or random general knowledge questions, your chances of being in a difficult spot are greater.

Therefore, a Resume will always be beneficial.

IPMAT IIM , IPM Interview

Now coming to my IPM interview. It was a basic 10- 12 minute interview and I was asked questions related to art, economics, my hobbies etc. The interviewers look expressionless and one cannot predict the outcome of the interview through their expressions, so chill and give your best, leaving all your anxiety behind.

Some basic information about me -

Class 10 - 10 CGPA

Class 12 ( commerce ) - 97%

Hobbies - music , blogging , art

So it started like this,

P1 : What do you know about the INDIAN ECONOMY?

A: (Told them everything I knew - growth rate , what we can do etc etc)

P2 was flipping through my folder , resume etc.

P2 : Your art is impressive, why don't you join a fine arts institute. We don't think you should do management.

A: ( told them how passionate I was to get into management and art is just a hobby )

Some days it's good to lie xD

P1 : What are your other hobbies?

A: I play the guitar , I write poems and I also do a bit of blogging

P2: tell us the major guitar chords

( Told them)

P1: What are giffen goods? ( Told)

They bombarded me with economics questions, I could answer all of them. Some were basic , they also asked me to draw basic demand graphs and different impacts on those graphs.

P2: Asked some basic GK questions ( answered most of them correctly I guess)

P1 : you have written something about your own startup, tell us more.

A: ( so I basically owned a small business or a startup as people call it , we used to sell , buy , rent books of all kinds - we eventually built a good network of school kids who helped us)

Verdict - selected

Currently a student at IPM IIM Rohtak.

P.S -This was my first ever Interview.

The IPM interviews are not very tough , they don't grill you like the CAT interviews. Most people have just passed high school and they get that the people who applied have less or no experience.

If you are an aspirant, all the best for your interview! Stay calm and showcase your best side!

Also you can check out my campus stories and experiences on my blog - Link

IPM Interview

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