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IPM IIM Rohtak Interview experience ft. Viswaraj

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Date: 23/06/2019 ( Sunday )

Slot: Forenoon (8:00 am)

Venue: IIM Bangalore

Some information about me:

10th : 10/10 CGPA

12th: 95.2%

Place of Schooling: Chennai from 1st std. till 12th std.

IPM IIM Rohtak campus
IIM Rohtak Campus

I reached the venue at 7:50 a.m. The distance from the main building door to the venue was longer than the distance from the IIM gate to the main building. The campus was that huge and it was so serene surrounded by greenery everywhere.

I was under Panel 1 and 9th person under the panel. We were asked to assemble in a room at 8:10 for Document Verification and WAT. The WAT started at 8:59 a.m.

WAT Topic: E-Commerce Discounts are harmful in the long run - for or against?

I supported the topic and was stressing on the point that repetitive customers contribute more to success rather than short term incentives for any company.

The word limit was 300 words and were given 20 minutes to complete the WAT and it ended at 9:19 a.m. We were given a break for 20 minutes and they told us to assemble back at the interview room by 9:40 a.m.

I spoke to 3 people before my interview and they told they were asked a lot on current affairs rather than academics and every person was inside for an approximately of 12–15 minutes.

I went into the room at 11:18 A.M and there was a table of 10 feet between me and the interviewers. The panel consisted of 2 female and 1 male interviewer. Lets name them F1, F2 and M.

Me: Greeted each of them individually

M: Have a seat

F2: Tell me something about yourself

Me: Told a prepared answer which included my native ,schooling ,academics ,hobbies, achievements

F1: Could you tell us something interesting regarding your native?

Me: My native is Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Its a place where there the 3rd largest Rail cum Road bridge of India is situated over the Godavari river. Its the place where the 2nd largest delta of our nation starts which is also called Konaseema or God’s own creation.

M: How is Godavari river connected to mythology?

Me: Told that the river has a close relation with the epic Ramayana as Ram, Sita & Lakshman resided along the banks of the Godavari river during their exile

M: What’s your favourite subject?

Me: Informatics Practices

M: What is that?

Me: Its a subject that has Java programming, SQL and HTML

M: What about Economics, Accountancy?

Me: I didn't have Economics in my 12th sir. I am fine with Accountancy sir

F2: We would give you a topic, you will be given 1 minute for preparation and speak for 2 mins. Your topic is "INDIA IS A COUNTRY OF SCAMS"

Me: spoke for only 1.5 min as I didn't have enough content. Spoke on fields like space research where there are no scams and also highlighted few scams like 2G, AugustaWestland, CWG, etc. In the meanwhile F1 asked for my certificates and documents

M: What is trial balance?

Me: (explained)

M: What would you do if there is a difference between debit and credit balances in a trial balance?

Me: (Explained about Suspense a/c)

M: What is the difference between Trading and P&L a/c

Me: Explained (F2 looks satisfied)

M: What are Current Assets?

Me: (Explained)

M: What is the difference between Current Assets and Current Liabilities?

Me: Working Capital

M : As an investor, a company approaches you for capital but the company has a negative working capital (i.e current liabilities are more than current assets) but good profitability ratios and issues good dividend. Would you invest in that company?

Me (took a minute): Yes sir, I would invest in the Company because as an investor my ultimate aim would be getting good returns on my investment and I don’t care much about working capital sir. ( M smiles at me)

F1: What are your hobbies?

Me: I am an avid follower of Tennis/Cricket/Football. I also follow stock trading and I love coding.

F1: Did you see yesterdays match? (India vs Afghanistan)

Me: Yes mam, I watched it till the last ball and was the most exciting match of the tournament for me as a small taliban affected region was posing a challenge to a country where cricket is a religion.

F1: Do you think that India can win this world cup?

Me: India would easily reach the semifinals but the road ahead looks challenging.

M:Did you get Indore?

Me: No sir, I lost it in verbal ability at the Aptitude test

F2: Thats it, Thank You Viswaraj…All the Best!

Me: Thanked everyone individually and left the room

Looked at the watch and it was 11:26 a.m. I was out in 8 minutes Everyone were inside for 12–15 mins.

Verdict: SELECTED, Currently a student at IIM Rohtak , IPM

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IPM IIM Rohtak campus
IIM Rohtak Campus

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