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IPMAT IIM : How to prepare for Verbal Ability / VARC section?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Verbal ability section, I feel is the most easy and scoring section in IPMAT if a comparison is being made with the Quantitative aptitude section because it has the least syllabus plus you don’t need to devote dedicated time for its preparation. This article would be highly useful for those aspirants who are trying to prepare for IPMAT along with their school studies as I’ll be attempting to provide ways in how you can ace in verbal ability without affecting your current schedule for boards preparation.

Every language has two pillars; grammar and vocabulary. Verbal ability section of any competitive exam aims to test these two basic skills of the English language.

Most of the aspirants, I’ve noticed while teaching, are unnecessarily intimidated by either or both of them. Contrarily, I feel, you don’t actually need to dedicate proper time, as you do for Quants, at least for vocabulary. What I used to do while I was trying to expand my vocabulary was that during the time of transit from home to school and vice-versa, I used to learn those words of recommended vocabulary so that the time which otherwise gets wasted gets utilized in learning at least something and I remember I used to learn around 80 words per day this way. The resource I used was extremely useful. It has the most important 2000 words of high-frequency vocabulary. I can safely say that almost 70% of the words asked in IPMAT were there in this resource. It’s available on google playstore by the name of ‘VoLT’. The memory key section of the app will take you to the most effective and efficient way of learning vocabulary.

IPMAT Verbal Ability

Let’s say you take around 20 minutes per meal and have 3 meals a day, then it total you have like an hour , I used to watch YouTube videos on grammar while having meals. The channel I used to refer was ‘Learn English with Let’s Talk- Free English Lessons’. If you’re someone who is very weak with grammar or someone who didn’t realize it’s not weak with but weak in grammar, then this channel is surely the place for you to go to for brushing up all the basics of grammar.

If you have enrolled yourself in a coaching institute , do solve their modules , study materials , explore their online portal. Most of these institutes provide decent worksheets / study materials / quizzes and revising and solving this material would actually benefit you.

Lastly, DO SOLVE MOCKS before giving your actual exam , identify the loopholes and fill them.

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Good Luck!

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