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K-dramas, Crash Landing on You and the Korean wave in India

K-Dramas, BTS , BlackPink , K-pop , Korean Skincare - I used to hear all these terms from friends , social media and Youtubers ; Netflix frequently recommended me K-dramas and some of these trended in India for weeks.

"The Korean Wave has finally hit India", I thought to myself while randomly scrolling through the Netflix home page. I finally gave in and decided to watch the first K-drama I spot on Netflix. I started watching this popular K-drama called "Crash Landing on You" ; almost all the K-drama fans have watched this one , celebrities have recommended the show and the internet can't stop talking about it. I was curious and I binged the whole show in a couple of days.

Crash Landing On You

"Crash Landing on You" felt fresh to me - I loved the North Korea - South Korea twist and specially the depiction of North Korea.

North Korean defectors helped in writing the script of "Crash Landing on You" so that the makers are able to present an accurate picture of North Korea.

Since, the internet is NOT flooded with content on North Korea (specially "fictional" content) , this part of the show was surely interesting to watch.

The soundtracks and the amazing outfits in "Crash Landing on You" couldn't be ignored ; too many stories were taking place at the same time - a love story , a revenge story , North Koreans illegally in South Korea story , a dysfunctional family story ; I might have missed a couple of them :P