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Language learning apps you should be using in 2021!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Learning a new language can be fun and challenging and today , "language learning" has turned into a hobby , foreign languages are part of the school and college curriculums and there a lot of free and paid platforms that can teach you a new language , the monetary investment for learning a new language isn't much however , one must invest some time to reap the returns. A few months back , I saw this one Ted Talk wherein a 17 year old shared how he learnt over 20 languages! An average person barely knows three.

language learning apps

But, why should you learn a new language? What are the benefits of learning a new language? Instead of talking "scientifically" , I would tell you why I like exploring and learning new languages. I try devoting atleast 10-15 minutes each day on learning a language , now a days I am exploring Mandarin Chinese and well, it is fun! Once you start learning a few aspects or phrases of a particular language , you start feeling a sense of accomplishment , specially if the language follows a different script like Mandarin Chinese , Arabic or Persian.

language learning apps

Being able to write another language is a little challenging and once you are able to learn it , you would feel a certain sense of accomplishment ; learning a new language means you can watch movies and shows in that particular language and opens up a whole new category of entertainment. Also , if you are a college student knowing a foreign language would uplift your "Resume" :P

Also, I think while learning a new language one tends to understand a culture , a civilization better.

A few apps you can use to learn a new language-

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a really famous language learning app , yes, the one with the green bird. Most beginners start learning a language on Duolingo , plus , it has courses for all the major languages and it's absolutely free and Ad free too. However, I recommend , along with Duolingo use some other sources too , like a book or maybe another app. Though, it is an easy way to learn a language, it isn't the fastest way and one might lose motivation , however , Duolingo will help you fill the loopholes. Try the app!

language learning apps

Download the app - Link

2. Chineasy

Mandarin Chinese is the toughest language that exists , unlike Arabic , English or French , it does not have a very limited set of characters, in fact, there is no such thing as Chinese / Mandarin "alphabet". There are 20,000 characters in Mandarin Chinese, a literate Chinese would know around 8000 of them. Interestingly, some of these alphabets are derived from pictures and after learning a few characters , one might be able to make educated guesses. "Chineasy" is an amazing platform that will enable you to learn these alphabets and more importantly, it will help you understand these languages.

Download the app - Link

3. Memrise

This one is an Indian app and though it is not fully free , a part of it is free and useful. Daily phrases , words etc. It is like Duolingo , maybe, a little better!

Download the app - Link

4. Learn Czech

A simple , yet useful app, Czech is a very interesting language, native to the Czech Republic , Czech has about 14 million native speakers (as on 2015). Also, it is very similar to Slovak , so if you know Czech you can also learn Slovak.

Download the app - Link

5. Learn Chinese

This app is similar to the "Learn Czech" one. It provides the learner with all the necessary phrase that a beginner must know, however, it doesn't talk about the characters. You can try this one out!

Download the app- Link

6. Swayam portal

This is not really a language learning app/portal , the "Swayam portal" is a portal run by the Indian government where you can do a wide range of courses from Mathematics , economics , philosophy and science to languages , at the end of the course you can give a legit exam and attain a certificate/ diploma , since the certificate is from a government organization, it can be considered legitimate. The portal has a number of language courses - Spanish , Korean , Russian , Arabic and Hindi are some of them. You can download the Swayam app from Google Playstore.

language learning apps

If you always wanted to learn a new language, DO IT NOW! Good Luck!

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