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Language learning Journey : Why I started learning Czech Language!

"A different language is a different vision of life"

After exploring a number of languages , I have finally found a language I really connect with. Czech is a fairly complicated but a wonderful language , it is probably my favourite language ; the grammar rules are a bit tough and I am a little inconsistent in learning the language but whenever I spend time exploring the language and everything that comes with it - the culture , the food and a little history , I feel nothing but joy.

Recently, I even experimented with a Czech recipe called "Latke" (Czech: Bramborák). They are basically Potato Pancakes. I found the recipe on

Learning Czech language

In my country (India) , there are not many Czech language institutes so I mainly rely on YouTube videos , Czech podcasts and Duolingo to learn the language.

(If you know any institutes that teach Czech language in India , do mention them in the comments section.)

Recently, I visited a famous bookstore to buy a language book for learning Czech and I was surprised that the store did not have a single book in Czech! They had books for learning Chinese , Russian , Japanese , Hindi , Urdu , a ton of European languages but not a single book for learning Czech. The store owner gave me a look of "shock" when I asked him if he had a book in Czech language. Interestingly, this was the case in almost every bookstore I inquired.

Czech language in our country is fairly "unrecognized" to say the least. When I started learning Czech, I was amazed to see how some Czech words sounded very similar to Hindi words. For example : Pineapple in Czech is called "ananas" ; pineapple in Hindi is also called "ananas" (अनानास). Similarly, "door" in Czech is called "dveře" , whereas door in hindi is called द्वार (pronounced: Dwar). "Life" in Czech is called "život" (Pronounced; Jiwot) whereas" "जीवित" (Pronounced; Jeewit) in Hindi means "living".

I was personally shocked to see so many similarities between a European and a South Asian language. One can easily find similarities between French and English ; Czech and Slovak ; Hindi and Urdu (they technically sound the same :P ) ; Urdu and Arabic mainly due to geographical or cultural closeness of the origin countries but finding similarities between Hindi and Czech language was a bit shocking (and interesting at the same time).

Another element that kept me going was Czech content on YouTube. "Dream Prague" is a YouTube channel of an American woman living in Prague and her experiences. She uses Czech language in few of her videos and English in the others. I have finally started comprehending some of her Czech videos without subtitles! ( Come on, clap a little! )

Another YouTube channel I really love is "Honest Guide". The host has a channel in English language and another in Czech language. Since , the host is a native speaker , it's a little bit difficult to comprehend his Czech. We will get there soon :)

If you love learning languages , you must explore Czech.

Language Learning journey Czech

I'll end this blog here by quoting a Czech proverb "Learn a new language and get a new soul."


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