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Let's Review K Dramas : Descendants of the Sun!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Descendants of the sun is the third K drama I watched ; once you get into the whole K-drama thing , there is no going back! I am loving this whole K-drama vibe. A hot cup of coffee and a 1.5 hour long episode of a popular K-drama is the key to a good weekend.

Descendants of the Sun is a really really popular K-drama , it revolves around the lives of a group of doctors and soldiers , how both the professions are about saving lives but in a very different way. The cinematography of Descendants of the Sun deserves appreciation, the actors are fantastic and the locations were so beautiful. The show is shot in Albania , Greece and Seoul.

Descendants of the Sun Review

The show involved friendships , natural disasters , a couple of love stories and some intense "medical lingos". The show also had bits and pieces of the "North and South Korea" element ,not as elaborate as "Crash landing on you" though.

Descendants of the Sun Review

The first three episodes of the show were not very engaging but as Descendants of the Sun progressed, the episodes kept on becoming more interesting. By the time I reached the 10th episode I was totally hooked to the show and fully into the binge watch mode.

Descendants of the Sun Review

Netizens have compared Descendants of the Sun to Crash Landing on You , the shows are very different even though a lot of elements of the show are similar. Crash Landing on You consisted of a lot of stories that came together in the show , each character had an elaborate back story in Crash Landing on You while Descendants of the Sun captured all the layers of a single story without diving deep into the back story of the characters. I think I liked the storytelling of Descendants of the Sun more than Crash Landing on You.

All episodes of Descendants of the Sun are available on Netflix.

If you are new to the K-drama world , start now with this amazing show.

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