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Let's talk about mental health!

In this day and age of social media, whose primary purpose is to connect people, help them socialize and make new friends, more than 25% of the social media users, ironically are victims of loneliness. Loneliness arises when one feels he/she is all alone and this feeling of solitude gives rise to melancholy. The person with the most friends on Facebook might be lonely in real. No one would ever post something expressing their misery or failures. Everyone’s Instagram feed is full of grandiose posts portraying themselves to be in a state of utmost bliss and riches. Don't you post all the happy parts of your life on your Instagram feed?

Accruing to the expansive usage of social media by generation Z, there has been a trend in the number of anomic suicides and cases of severe depression or mental illness among teenagers. Teenagers in the virtual space of social media live in a constructed realm of false reality in which riches, luxury, and happiness are all pretentiously flaunted and the real, pristine emotions are hidden deep inside in a place all sealed up with a key that has been lost intentionally. This megalomaniac attitude of netizens leads to the rising cases of inferiority complex, under-confidence, and depression. In a nutshell it can be concluded that usage of social media has given way to suicidal tendencies and mental illness among teenagers.

Thousands of friends over Facebook or millions of followers over Instagram are worthless if you don’t have a friend who could take your 3-am call. The only solution to come out of the spiral of mental health issues is to spend less time over social media and more time over real friends cause ultimately what matters the most is your inner peace and happiness.

Alternatively, one can put his quarantine time to better utilization by engaging in tasks that enhance productivity. Reading self-help books or motivational guides can help maintain the sanity of people at stressful times like these to quite an extent. Novels are an all-time entertainer for bibliophiles; they not only keep you engaged but also help to increase your vocabulary and reading skills. Reading informative blogs on Quora or any other platform and watching riveting content on TV or OTT media platforms can help combat the prevailing tedium. Apart from this, quarantine is the best time for enhancing your skills or even starting from scratch. Getting involved in cooking or writing or anything you’re passionate about would help pass your time productively. So next time, if you suffer from any mental issues, try resorting to a close friend than a strange therapist.

It is okay to feel sad at times, let your emotions flow. However, if you are feeling low all the time start doing things you love, develop your skills , journalise , talk to a friend and try staying away from social media.

Sliding a little tip here, if you don't want to stop using Instagram altogether, try uninstalling the app and using it on your browser instead, the user experience declines tremendously and so does your time spent on the platform. What's the harm in trying, it might work for you!

Some days the solution to all your problems is some feel-good music and your ugliest dance step ;)

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