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Light-hearted shows/movies to watch this weekend!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

True crime and thriller is fine but all we need is a light show/movie with a tub of popcorn to relax our minds on a weekend.

Here is a list of some fun , light-hearted content you might like to watch this weekend-

1. Dice Media's Adulting-

A 5 episode season portraying two flatmates trying to cope up with day to day problems from a broke birthday to work life problems. There are two seasons to the show and each season has 5 short episodes and you might just want more of them. The show stars Aisha Ahmed as Nikhat and Yashaswini Dayama as Ray. These digital stars have done several Youtube videos and web shows and they do an amazing amazing job in this one.

IMDb Rating - 7.6/10

Where to watch? Dice Media's Youtube channel

2. TVF Tripling-

Three siblings and a LONG road trip, of course it will make you laugh. Watch the story of Chandan, Chitvan and Chanchal on the TVF play app or on the website, plus you don't need a subscription to watch this one. Again, the show has two seasons with 5 episodes each. And if you have already watched it, re-watch karlo yaar , it is always fun to re-watch good shows.

light hearted shows

IMDb rating- 8.5/10

Where to watch? TVF Play app or

3. Jaane tu ya jaane na & Wake up Sid -

Two underrated Bollywood movies, these are the kinds of movies I can watch a million times without getting bored. The soundtracks of these movies are the musical form of nostalgia.

Why doesn't Bollywood make more movies like these?

light hearted movies / shows

Light hearted movies / shows

IMDb rating ( Wake up Sid) - 7.6/10

IMDb rating (Jaane tu ya Jaane na) - 7.5/10

Where to watch ? Netflix / Youtube ;)

4. The Final Call -

Though, this show does not qualify as a light-hearted one, it is a great watch! One plane that might crash, 300 passengers and stories that are perfectly interlinked. Starring Arjun Rampal, Javed Jaffrey , Neeraj Gabi , Sakshi Tanwar and Anshuman Malhotra , this show is based on Priya Kumars book "I will go with you". I recently re-watched it with my family and I HAD to put this one in the list.

light hearted movies/shows

Where to watch? Zee5

IMDb rating - 7.2/10

5. The Edge of seventeen -

This comedy- drama portrays the struggles of a seventeen year old. Dramatic, funny and worth a watch. The 1 hour 44 minute movie stars the popular American singer Hailee Steinfeld.

Light hearted shows/ movies

Where to watch? Netflix

IMDb rating- 7.3/10

Do suggest your favourite shows and movies in the comments box!

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