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Mental Health and More : Seeking help and dealing with uncertainity

The pandemic took a toll on all of us, be it physically, economically, mentally, or emotionally. Today I would like to talk about the latter two. Humans are social animals and being caged for more than a year was not an easy task. Most of us tried to immerse ourselves in several activities , we tried to build new skills , focussed on fitness and did everything we could to stay busy and positive. From from following insta-trends to making Dalgona coffee and banana breads, we did it all. Inspite of that, we are humans ; we are supposed to ebb and flow , staying stagnant had to be challenging. We all had our ups and downs and the lockdown made it worse.

There were days where we were a big ball of energy all set to transform the life we are living into the life we want to live and then there were days where nothing made sense. And those were the days full of self-doubt, lack of motivation, confusion, fear of the future, regrets of the past, and to top it all uncertainty of the present.

Well, let me tell you you were not the only one.

Your smartest, brightest, and strongest friend or colleague might be going through something you have no idea about, just like they don't have about yours.

Hence, this pandemic has taught us how important it is to keep a check on yourself and your people- friends, family or even a stranger who doesn't seem okay.

Because no matter how aware you are, seeking help is still the hardest thing to do for most people. It is not easy, I know, but you can still try. Take the baby steps. Talk to a friend or a confidant. It helps, it really does. Take professional help it's nothing to be ashamed about. And if you are still wondering about the stigmas of the society, then please don't because people will always have something to say. Self-care is important be it mentally, physically, or emotionally.

It's okay if things didn't go the way you planned, it's okay to feel bad about it but remember you have to move on , maybe try something else or just for a moment stop micro managing , try going with the flow. You can still start again. Give it a shot atleast.

Be your own cheerleader and acknowledge your efforts; stop seeking validation from others.

"This too shall pass."

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