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Mental Health and more: Writing should be part of your healing process

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Humans are emotional beings. Each day we go through a number of emotions - our little victories , some arguments , flashbacks or moments of joy. More often than not we mask these emotions and tend to move forward to the next task. Expressing each and every emotion may not be appreciated in our society, however, these emotions tend to build up in our subconscious and impact us later. Each time someone tells you to "Be positive" , you smile and mask your emotions , at the end of the day , those emotions need an outlet.

We need to let ourselves feel in order to heal.

Writing can be an integral part of the healing process. No, you don't need to write professionally or publish it anywhere. On days I felt uneasy or overwhelmed , I wrote down how I was feeling and why I was feeling it ; it makes us dive deeper in our minds and systematically understand what is going wrong. Some days , you might find a solution to your problem , on other days , it is better to write those emotions down and dispose them.

Expressing is always better than repressing.

Whenever I looked back on my school life, I felt a little overwhelmed , mostly because I remember more negative experiences than positive ; however, I never gave it much thought and moved forward to the next chapter. I never talked about those negative experiences or how I felt. This year suddenly , I started experiencing dreams about my school life ; sometimes, a certain memory would pop up in my head out of nowhere. Initially, I was confused. I didn't know where this was coming from. Then, I gave it a thought and realised that these random flashbacks and weird dreams are nothing but repressed emotions. I wrote in detail a few incidents and how they made me feel and I suddenly felt lighter. Writing those emotions made me access old memories and emotions I never knew existed. Can we ever resolve issues without deeply understanding them? Writing acts as that "understanding" tool which we need.