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Modern family Finale: The last episode was as good as the first, 11 seasons , 250 episodes!

I just finished watching the final episode of "Modern Family" and I must say that the show kept me entertained throughout 11 seasons , 250 episodes. The "Modern Family" characters were always "evolving" although their basic traits remained the same , this was the kind of show one could watch after a lousy day and laugh a little, no laugh tracks and yes , we can choose where to laugh and where not to. Season 11 was dynamic , suddenly , two characters of the show were dead - Frank and Dede. "Modern Family" maintained its charm for 11 seasons and we have some amazing "Phil's osophical" quotes from Modern Family.

"When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like 'WHAT?!' " - Phil Dunphy , Modern Family

Yes, makes sense, OBVIOUSLY!

"If you love something, set if free. Unless it's a tiger." - Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Modern Family Finale

Each character of Modern family was like a pizza topping , a different flavour , but all these flavours blend just perfectly. New characters were added to the show mostly kids and pets - Joe , Poppy , George , Stella , Rex , Larry , Arvin ; forgive me if I forget any :P

Modern Family Finale

In the last episode (Season 11 , Episode 17 ) , all the family members part ways, Alex gets a research opportunity in Switzerland , Luke goes to college , Haley , Dylan and the twins move out , Cam and Mitchell go to Missouri , Manny goes to Drama school , basically , the families part ways. The final episode of "Modern Family" ends with shots of the old pictures of the family members and some old scenes ; nostalgia follows.

The show goes from this -

"This is the funny thing about growing up. For years and years, everybody's desperately afraid.. to be different , you know, in any way. And the, suddenly, almost overnight, everybody wants to be different, and that is where we win." - Mitchell Pritchett , Modern Family


"That's a library? I thought it was church for a religion that didn't allow makeup."- Haley Dunphy

Modern Family Finale

I still can't believe, I have no more "new" episodes of the show to watch ://

The Indian janta can watch all the episodes of "Modern Family" on Disney Plus Hotstar PREMIUM!

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