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My Quarantine Watchlist : TV Shows and Movies that are worth checking out!

College life was supposed to be about exploring new activities , finding hobbies , having fun and travelling ; now , it is about zoom calls , google meets and webex. "Fun" means a Netflix Watch Party and exploring is all about exploring shows and movies of various genres and languages. K- dramas , documentaries , American TV Shows , Indian content , Czech and Arabic content - I explored it all!

Here is a list of shows and movies I watched during the never ending quarantine period and some of them are worth watching.

Disney's Soul

Disney's Soul is an amazing animated movie about the afterlife or let's say "the life before". I couldn't take my eyes off the screen during the movie , such an interesting concept. Disney's Soul is about a musician who dies on the day he gets his first big show. If you are in a mood of lighthearted , feel good content , this is your movie!

You can watch Disney's Soul at Disney+ Hotstar!

The Crown

The Crown is a spectacular show! Comprising of four seasons with the fifth one in the making , The Crown showcases the history of the British Monarchy , it covers a lot of major and minor incidents of the British Monarchy throughout the four seasons. Intially I just wanted to watch season 4 , since it revolved around the Diana Era and I had already watched millions of documentaries on the British Monarchy so I felt like avoiding the first three seasons. Interestingly, after watching season 4 , I decided to watch season 3 , 2 and 1 respectively and I loved it!

The Crown ruled the Golden Globe Awards this year for a reason!

If you liked The Crown , you can also watch "Royal House of Windsor" on Netflix along with "Story of Diana".


Who hates a simple, "feel good" Hindi show with limited episodes and Rohit Saraf? Nobody.

Netflix is renewing the show with a second season and I am excited :P

This one is a good show and I personally feel that Indian shows have an element of relatability which the American or Korean shows might lack (for the Indian audience).

Crash Landing on You & Descendants of the Sun

Netflix advertised "Crash Landing on You" like anything ; endless YT videos , memes and other content was floated about this K-drama. Tanmay Bhatt made a react video on Crash Landing on You on the Netflix Youtube Channel and he called K-dramas a "better bollywood". Had he not been paid for it , I am pretty sure he would have roasted the show left and right.

Crash Landing on You was the first K-drama I ever watched.

Did I like it? Yes.

Do better shows exist? Yes.

If you want to dive into the K-drama world , Crash Landing on You is a good show , however, better K-dramas exist. Apart from Crash Landing on You , I have managed to complete two other K-dramas - Descendants of the Sun and Something in the Rain and both these shows are actually better than Crash Landing on You.

I also started watching Nevertheless , Startup , One Spring Night but I just couldn't complete these shows.

My K- drama suggestion list is short and simple - Descendants of the Sun and Something in the Rain. You can check out their Reviews - Here.

Comedy Premium League - CPL on Netflix

Amazon Prime has Comicstaan and Netflix (now) has CPL or the Comedy Premium League.

Top Indian comedians (and some AIB members) compete for some screen time on Netflix. Just Kidding. Well , I don't know what they are competing for , I just watched the first episode last night.

Prajakta Koli (Mostlysane) is hosting the show , seems like she cracked a triple show deal with Netflix :P

Sony Liv's Scam 1992

OG theme song , fantastic actors , crazy storyline - Scam 1992 was the show of the year!

Scam 1992 revolved around the story of Harshad Mehta , his rise and fall and the complexities of the stock market. I really really loved this show!

Other shows I loved watching - Conspiracies (a docu-series on Netflix) , Inside Edge on Amazon Prime , What will People Say ( a Norwegian - Pakistani movie ) on Netflix , Modern Family on Disney+Hotstar AND for discussing other fun shows and movies , I'll make a part 2 of this post!

Before ending this post , I just wanted to say that I feel so grateful that so many of you take out time to read my articles! Thank You. I started this website from scratch and now we have become such a huge family , some posts have ranked #1 on Google and others have been featured on Wix Reads , Thank you for your support and for being a part of the Delighted Humans fam!

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