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My Quarantine Watchlist : TV Shows and Movies that are worth checking out!

College life was supposed to be about exploring new activities , finding hobbies , having fun and travelling ; now , it is about zoom calls , google meets and webex. "Fun" means a Netflix Watch Party and exploring is all about exploring shows and movies of various genres and languages. K- dramas , documentaries , American TV Shows , Indian content , Czech and Arabic content - I explored it all!

Here is a list of shows and movies I watched during the never ending quarantine period and some of them are worth watching.

Disney's Soul

Disney's Soul is an amazing animated movie about the afterlife or let's say "the life before". I couldn't take my eyes off the screen during the movie , such an interesting concept. Disney's Soul is about a musician who dies on the day he gets his first big show. If you are in a mood of lighthearted , feel good content , this is your movie!

You can watch Disney's Soul at Disney+ Hotstar!