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More than a Review: Netflix's Bridgerton - Why you should watch the show and what to expect!

Bridgerton, a Netflix period drama released on December 25, 2020. The show is based on JULIA QUINN’s novels about the Bridgerton family; with the first season focused on the first book in the series, THE DUKE & I. Ever since its release, the show has been constantly receiving positive reviews.

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Netflix Bridgerton , the crown

Netflix stated that a total of 82 million households have watched the series(in the first 28 days of its release) which makes BRIDGERTON one of the biggest shows on the platform.

Now, moving onto why you should watch the drama?

One of the things that struck with me was the cast diversity. This show is not like your other period dramas. The cast is pretty diverse which makes it much more entertaining and inclusive.

Netflix Bridgerton , the crown

Set in the Regency Era LONDON, the show follows the BRIDGERTON siblings in their attempt to find love. The main focus this season was on Daphne played by PHOEBE DYNEVOR, the eldest Bridgerton daughter. DUKE of Hastings, Simon Bassett’s (played by REGÉ-JEAN PAGE) arrival to LONDON stirs up quite a talk around ton (town).

The show is full of humour, scandal, sexiness and romance. From LADY WHISTLEDOWN’s paper (who is basically a REGENCY era "Gossip Girl") to the multiple sibling fights, the show is captivating. Also, the QUEEN of ENGLAND is black in the show and the show reflects on Black past. A must-watch, if I may.

The show is renewed for a second season and the filming will start in spring, 2021. Simone Ashley, British actor of South Indian decent will play the lead in the second season.

Though, both "The Crown" and "Bridgerton" are Netflix series based on the British Royals and titled people , the content, concept and presentation of both the shows is very very different. If you liked Bridgerton, you may or may not like "The Crown" and vice-versa, BUT , you should try watching both the shows and figure out your taste.

Netflix Bridgerton , the crown

Shows on the British Royals and "titled" people have gained a lot of popularity , season after season of these "Royal" shows is being released. "The Crown" on Netflix has a huge viewership , four seasons of the show have already been released and we are expecting the fifth one to be out soon! However, the British Royal content is not just limited to these dramas, it has a "documentary side" to it too. Netflix has endless documentaries on the British Royals and the "titled" ones , some of these do not necessarily show the pleasant side of these families. A British documentary on Netflix even claimed that the former King, Edward VIII had close links with the Nazis , these documentaries back their claims with legitimate pictures and archives.

What are you watching currently? Let us know in the comments section!

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