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Netflix's Guilty - A must watch?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I really have mixed feelings about 'Guilty'.

Netflix's Guilty Kiara Adwani

The movie revolves around the effects of the #metoo movement, victim shaming and choosing between friendships and the "right". 

After watching Kiara Adwani in "Kabir Singh", I never thought I would like to watch her on screen again , but here I am writing about her latest. She has done a decent job and her character was well written unlike the character of Akansha Ranjan Kapoor who played ' Tanu Kumar' , the victim in the Netflix original.

The topic of "consent" was raised again, "victim shaming" was discussed and how it is important for WOMEN TO SUPPORT WOMEN. 

Kiara Adwani in Netflix's Guilty

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Kiara Adwani's character, Nanki was a troubled person , a sexual assault victim. With tattoos all over her , she was the "cool" girl of St. Martin's. Everything was going well for her till her boyfriend got "#metoo ed". She knew very little about the happenings and was perplexed; she felt fragile , hallucinated and the story more or less revolves around her.

There were a lot of little details in her character like the "ekla cholo re" tattoo on her chest, the way she started writing a song on "testimony" (gawah) while she played a witness in her boyfriend's case. All her creative force was a result of her wild imagination and past experiences. 

On the other hand , the character of Akansha Kapoor lacked details, it seemed to be poorly written as compared to Kiara's character.

The movie also portrayed the power of the "privileged" and how they ruin the system.The movie touches a lot of issues at the same time and at some point of time it could not manage all of them at once.

However, one SHOULD watch the movie. The movie might seem exaggerated at some points but it manages to be entertaining and shares a good message.

Wouldn't reveal more about the movie , go watch it yourself now :)

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