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Netflix's Squid Game : Is Squid Game worth watching, the cast and how the show became viral!

Everytime I scroll for a minute, I spot atleast two Squid Game memes on my feed. Netflix's Squid Games is currently worth $900 million and was watched by 132 million people for atleast 2 minutes in the first 23 days!

Netflix Squid Game Memes

K-culture has been taking over the world. From Gangnam style to BTS, BLACKPINK and SQUID GAME, the Korean entertainment industry has seen an exponential rise in popularity the past few years.

A little over a month ago, Squid Game was released.

Sending the world into a frenzy, Squid game went on to become Netflix’s biggest show ever reaching over 142 million households with a viewership of approximately 2 billion minutes.