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Netflix's Squid Game : Is Squid Game worth watching, the cast and how the show became viral!

Everytime I scroll for a minute, I spot atleast two Squid Game memes on my feed. Netflix's Squid Games is currently worth $900 million and was watched by 132 million people for atleast 2 minutes in the first 23 days!

Netflix Squid Game Memes

K-culture has been taking over the world. From Gangnam style to BTS, BLACKPINK and SQUID GAME, the Korean entertainment industry has seen an exponential rise in popularity the past few years.

A little over a month ago, Squid Game was released.

Sending the world into a frenzy, Squid game went on to become Netflix’s biggest show ever reaching over 142 million households with a viewership of approximately 2 billion minutes.

Netflix Squid Game Memes

The show takes on the task of portraying capitalism and how the wealthy exploit the poor. During the 10-episode series, the contestants play children’s game with the winners advancing to the next game and the rest well, *spoiler* die. In addition to this, there’s so many characters absolutely messing everything up at times which makes the show much more interesting. The portrayal of human greed, jealousy and survival instincts is incredible.

Squid Game broke the internet, literally. Squid Game drove so much traffic in South Korea, an internet provider is planning to sue Netflix over the cost of subscribers using the bandwidth!

Squid Game is officially the new hype show.

The brands hopped on the trend and created a bunch of memes on the show.

Netflix Squid Game Memes

Netflix Squid Game Memes

I have to admit that the cast of the show was nothing less than amazing; Kang Sae-byeok (player 067) played by HoYeon Jung was probably my favourite character followed by Abdul Ali played by Anupan Tripathi. For those who don't know, Anupan Tripathi is an Indian actor who moved to South Korea for work and has played small roles in K-dramas, Squid Game definitely has turned things around for him!

The viral Tik Tok cookie challenge inspired by Squid Game created a huge "Squid Game buzz" on Tik Tok and the challenge eventually penetrated to other social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. Then came the "doll memes" and other Squid memes which were not just posted by Netflix social media handles but by various brands and pages on Instagram. To hype the show even more, Netflix India Youtube channel made Tanmay Bhat and Rohan Joshi react on the show, the reaction video garnered 1M views in just 2 weeks.

Here's what the YouTube Janta had to say about the Squid Game Reaction ft. Tanmay Bhat and Rohan Joshi-

Squid Game Cast Memes

The show not only had a huge impact on the Netflix watchtime, internet service providers but also increased the demand for white vans and green tracksuits; the main costumes worn by players of the game. Shop a cool pair of white vans if you feel like hopping on the trend, here's the link.

Truly show-stopping. Squid Game deserves the hype in my opinion and it's worth a watch. Force your friends to watch this show if they haven’t already!

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