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Netflix's Taj Mahal 1989 - Finding love the old school way

"Love is nothing but the options available."- Taj Mahal 1989

The series is set in the late 1980s ; however , there are moments when one questions the era the series is based in. At some places , the stories felt way ahead of their time.

Taj Mahal 1989 revolves around the ideas of love , politics and philosophy ( interestingly). Each character is well written and helps the story advance. Each story is very different from the other and yet the characters were woven so perfectly. I think the idea of "weaving" different stories into one got popular after "Masaan" ( if you haven't watched Masaan , this is probably the best time to watch it, we all are quarantined anyways).

The story is set in Lucknow University, and if we analyse each character , we might find stark similarities between them and the people we know in real life - the reaction and the thinking patterns mostly.

Rashmi , a student of Lucknow University had the perfect life till her boyfriend got into politics and his drive for power ruined their relationship. A week after parting ways , she falls in love again. 

Isn't the "idea" of love flawed? 

"Love is nothing but the number of options available."  The options increase , and you MIGHT just fall in love again. 

Angad , an orphan and a philosophy student  at Lucknow University was more of a "happiness" oriented person. He didn't mind doing odd jobs to earn a living. It was his character that added the much needed humour to the series. His strange "philosophical" ideas actually made sense.

Sarita , a physics professor in Lucknow University was unhappy with her life. She often felt she wasn't "good enough".

Sudhakar , a gold medalist in philosophy chose to become a tailor and carry on his family profession. He could have lived a better quality of life materialistically but chose not to. He fell in love with a prostitute ( played by Sheeba Chaddha )and lived with her , though they didn't get married. His love got him to change homes , travel places and fight the societal norms. His character was one of the most interesting characters of the series.

Netflix's Taj Mahal 1989 is an amalgamation of interesting stories; stories of finding love the old school way and one can totally watch it , though it might appear hyped up at one or two places. Overall , it is a unique series.

IMDb rating - 7.6/10

Verdict - If you are in a mood to watch something unconventional , TRY THIS SHOW!

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