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Netflix StreamFest 5-6 December : Movies you need to watch ! (1)

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Netflix recently announced its "StreamFest" on 5th and 6th December , which means everyone can stream ALL the shows and movies on Netflix for free on 5th and 6th December. No, you do not have to submit your credit / debit card details for it!

When Netflix came to India , it wasn't really offering a lot of Indian content but now there is no dearth of Indian content on the platform and Netflix is actively competing with other Indian OTT platforms. Netflix announced in April 2020 that it has seen a huge growth as Indians are actively binging on local content.

Here are some movies and shows you can watch during the Netflix StreamFest if you do not own a subscription -

1. The Story of Diana - The internet is filled with shows , movies and documentaries about Diana, the princess of Wales , this documentary particularly highlights Diana and her relationship with the media , the impact she created and how her popularity somehow led to the rise of the "paparazzi culture" , if you like watching documentaries , you can definitely try this one.

The story of Diana netflix

Genre - Biographical Documentary

IMDb rating - 8/10

2. What will people say (2017) - Directed by Iram Haq , a Norwegian- Pakistani actress and director , this is surely a brilliant movie! The story revolves around a Norwegian teenager with Pakistani roots who was unable to fit in the "traditional" mould and thus had to suffer in more than one way , she was sent to Pakistan and also physically tortured , the acting feels so real that the movie , "What will people say" almost feels like a documentary.

What will people say Iram Haq

I was taken aback after reading the reviews of the movie on the IMDb page of "What will people say" , quoting a few of them -

"I wish I had the guts and courage to talk about what happens to me as a girl in Iran. Thank you Iram Haq for this movie."

" The film is a strong, unblinking statement about the imminent savagery still menacing women and girls who won't conform to the imported , conservative cultural values and behaviours their parents strive to maintain , amid the economic benefits they want from affluent liberal modernity"

Iram Haq What will people say

Fun fact: The film had 16 wins and 13 nominations.

If you still think situations like these are rare , check out this story about the Saudi Princesses who were "locked up" in the Royal compounds and even denied food for 60 days!

Coming back to the movie , I highly recommend watching "What will people say" and even if you do not have a Netflix subscription , you can watch it for free on the 5th and 6th of December during the Netflix StreamFest.

Iram Haq What will people say

Genre- Norwegian movie, Drama , Social Issue Drama

IMDb rating - 7.4/10

3. Vir Das for India - Netflix is known for its original shows , this Netflix original is surely a must watch! This stand up by Vir Das is hilarious , intelligent and yet touches the important issues in the most appropriate way.

Vir Das for India Netflix

Genre - Stand up comedy , Political comedy

IMDb rating - 7.8/10

4. What are the odds? - "What are the odds?" is eccentric , fun to watch and the movie hardly makes any sense , the movie is unusual and hilarious. Even the names of the characters aren't usual! Directed by Megha Ramaswamy, the movie stars Abhay Deol , Yashaswini Dayama and Karanvir Malhotra. I think you should watch it, though I would admit that this movie isn't for everyone.

What are the Odds Netflix

Genre - Quirky , Lighthearted

IMDb rating - 5.5/ 10

5. Netflix's Bulbbul - This Netflix original definitely deserves more appreciation , produced by Anushka Sharma , starring Tripti Dimri , Rahul Bose and Avinash Tiwary ,"Bulbbul" is a paranormal story with a cause. Loosely inspired by folk tales , the cinematography , the sets , the acting , everything comes together perfectly in the movie. This women centric paranormal film brings together social issues and the paranormal element. One feels thoroughly engrossed in the movie , you can check out the full review Here.

Bulbbul Netflix

Genre - Paranormal , Social issue drama , Period-Piece

IMDb - 6.5/10

Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments section!

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