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The official video for Avril Lavigne and MOD SUN's new song "FLAMES" is out and it's worth watching!

At one point of time, Avril Lavigne was a sensation , she was the OG punk rock and alternative rock female artist , Avril's first studio album "Let Go" released in 2002 was a huge success and sold 20 million copies worldwide!

Avril Lavigne collaborated with MOD SUN and the duo dropped their new song video this week , and "FLAMES" definitely gives us major "Let Go" vibes.

Avril Lavigne had to stop her music career after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease , but in 2019 , she battled Lyme completely and re-launched herself with her song "Head Above Water" which is about her near-death experience and her battle with Lyme.

Avril surely made 2021 better , atleast for her fans ! With each album , she has something new to offer. In 2003, Lavigne was nominated for 5 Grammy awards.

She also runs a clothing brand called "Abbey Dawn" and Avril also runs "The Avril Lavigne Foundation" , an NGO that supports people struggling from Lyme disease.

Avril Lavigne FLAMES

Once a little black star , always a little black star!

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