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One year of lockdown: The pandemic has literally transformed us ; we may or may not realise it now

Last year, during this period, a lot of us were sitting at our homes in front of the TV screens or our mobile phone screens and hearing all the chatter about the coronavirus. A phenomenon, nobody had experienced before. Modi ji announced the Janta Curfew , students returned from their hostels and the weekly tasks kept us entertained. The first lockdown was fun ( for most of us ) - dalgona coffee, Instagram bingo challenge , spending time with family , reading books ; we all had a holiday we thought we deserved. A lot "invested" our time in workouts , learning to cook , taking up a hobby , binge watching , binge eating and what not. Fast forward to the second lockdown, we had already done whatever we wanted to , FOMO , claustrophobia started invading our mind gradually. Classes shifted online , people were working for home , people lost their jobs , the coronavirus cases were increasing like anything and from here it got worse. However, what we learnt during this period was to deal with a random situation we never thought would take place. Each of us dealt with it in their own way. A lot of people I know took up random tasks they never would have like gardening , working out , cooking ; others started binging on things. Some students drowned themselves in books and others literally threw them away.

One year of lockdown

We went through various phases , just like the moon , most of us are not what we used to be a year ago. "Isolation" has the ability to change us ; when one starts interacting with oneself more than he interacts with people , he/she is bound to change. The exhausting online college or work from home made us feel like we were living at work/ college. What we learnt is to deal with it , manage anyhow and deal with issues we never thought we could deal with sitting at our homes.



This was an opportunity to learn ; anything and everything , use the technology in the best possible way. Most of us did develop intellectually , read books , watched shows , learnt new stuff BUT what we LOST one year of "Social development". Shallow human interactions over zoom calls or phone calls hardly helped us develop socially.

After a year of adversity , we know that humans can deal with any situation they are thrown into. People coped up their work and studies , vaccines were developed and the world didn't stop forever.

Today, look back, analyze a little, are you the same person you used to be last year?

One year of lockdown ; it just took one year to change our ways , our perception and our ability to deal with adversity.

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