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Podcast recommendations: True crime podcasts you should check out on Spotify

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I know a lot of people don't really listen to podcasts these days, in fact I hadn't really been an avid listener myself until a few months ago when I came across a few ads on Spotify(yeah, I still refuse to buy a premium anyway) and decided maybe I could give it a shot. I'm huge fan of the thriller/horror/true crime genres so I dug out a few on Spotify and gave them a try (Spoiler Alert-totally worth it!).

Honestly, I wouldn't say listening to podcasts is something everyone is definitely going to enjoy, it's time taking, has no visual appeal so that's pretty much a disadvantage and requires a quiet environment to listen, however it's worth a try. It's a unique thing to do least it's not going to burn your eyes at 3AM!

Cutting short the cringe, here are few of my recommendations (all of these are available on Spotify).


What is it about? : It follows the story of Edward Wayne Edwards, an American serial killer. His daughter, April Balascio appears on the the podcast, unraveling the mystery of her father's involvements in several murders that she had feared were true for so long.

Where should I start? : As it is a story-driven Podcast, you'll have to listen in the sequential order. It consists of 8 episodes and a preview to the podcast.

Podcast recommendations Spotify


What is it about? : It's an Australian Podcast. Every week, an anonymous narrator tells the stories of cold criminal cases, often associated with well-known murderers and serial killers. It primarily features Australian cases but has also featured some significant cases from the US,UK and other countries.

What sets it apart from other similar podcasts is that it's kind of listening to an audio book, there are no speculations and no conversations but only what we actually know from original police or mass-media documents, eyewitness accounts, and interview or public announcement recordings. Leaving the narrator anonymous gives Casefile an eerie feeling and the music adds to the experience – great if you want a short story vibe.

Where should I start? : You can pick any episode you want to, it’s an on-going podcast. The multiple part episode on Jamestown are quite interesting, if you’d like a recommendation :)

Podcast recommendations Spotify

Check it out here - Link


What is it about? : It's a weekly podcast covering the cases of vanished people (obvious by its name), discussing the circumstances of their disappearances through interviews with family, friends and sometimes, the local law enforcement. Marrisa Jones is the founder, producer and the host of the podcast.

Where should I start? : Pick one you find interesting. The episode featuring the case of Brandy Myers is apparently a well-liked one among listeners.

Podcast recommendations Spotify

Check it out here - Link


What is it about? : This is an American True Crime podcast. It tells revolves around a seemingly perfect couple- Dan and Wendy who are divorced BUT it is not the end of their story! There are so many twists and turns, it impossible to know who to trust.

Where should I start? : It’s another story-driven podcast, don’t skip any! Watch in the sequential order.

Podcast recommendations Spotify


What is it about? : Also known as SKS popularly, this is a season-based story. Each season follows a different case. The host, David Ridge joins family and friends along with the local law enforcement to track new and old leads.

Where should I start? : You can start from any season you want to. Season 1 is my personal favourite.

Podcast recommendations Spotify

Hope you give these podcasts a try, if you have any recommendations for me, drop your suggestion in the comments box :)

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Thanks for reading!!

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