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Pop Weekly: Snowdrop, Our Beloved Summer, Avril Lavigne's new song, Crown Season 5 and more!

Hey fam,

After a long break, we are back with another Pop Weekly!

In this week's Pop Wekly, we talk about K-dramas you should watch, Avril Lavigne's new song, Crown Season 5, YT channels you should subscribe to for GOLD content and much more.

Let's begin!

Avril Lavigne released her new song this week, the pop-rock Goddess is back with the old school vibe, the song is called "Love it when you hate me", if you were an Avril Lavigne fan in the early 2000s, these Avril songs will be a treat for your ears, and if you are not an Avril Lavigne fam, listen to her music now! Start with "Complicated by Avril Lavigne", her very first song.

Avril Lavigne new song
Avril Lavigne

Youtube is the pandemic saviour. From short videos to Lofi beats it gives us all for free. If you are a travel enthusiast do check out "Lexie Limitless" Youtube Channel. Lexie is the youngest person in the world to visit every country and her content is AMAZING.

Also, if you are a YT creator, here is an amazing tool you should use to share your YT videos on Instagram and Facebook -

OpenYT is literally the best way to share your Youtube videos on Instagram.

Lexie Limitless
Lexie Limitless

TV show recommendation of the week: The Good Place

If you love off beat,eccentric, out of the boc content content, do watch "The Good Place" on Netflix.

The Good Place
The Good Place

The Korean dramas, SNOWDROP and OUR BELOVED SUMMER, have been the talk of the town. Both of these Korean dramas premiered in December.

Starring JISOO of Blackpink and Jung Haein, Snowdrop revolves around the story of a North-korean spy who gets injured during an operation and has to seek refuge in an all-girls dorm.

Our beloved summer is romance drama based on the lives of two classmates who are polar opposites to each other and fell in love. The show depicts real-life relationships and how circumstances may force you to let go of someone you don't want to let go of.

Our beloved summer
Our Beloved Summer

THE WEEKND releases his highly anticipated album DAWN FM on January 7, 2022.

Listen to it here:


In other sport news, JEHAN DARUVALA Indian Formula 2 driver will be driving for PREMA RACING for the 2022 formula 2 season.

Who is excited for CROWN SEASON 5?!?!?!

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