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Pop Weekly: Snowdrop, Our Beloved Summer, Avril Lavigne's new song, Crown Season 5 and more!

Hey fam,

After a long break, we are back with another Pop Weekly!

In this week's Pop Wekly, we talk about K-dramas you should watch, Avril Lavigne's new song, Crown Season 5, YT channels you should subscribe to for GOLD content and much more.

Let's begin!

Avril Lavigne released her new song this week, the pop-rock Goddess is back with the old school vibe, the song is called "Love it when you hate me", if you were an Avril Lavigne fan in the early 2000s, these Avril songs will be a treat for your ears, and if you are not an Avril Lavigne fam, listen to her music now! Start with "Complicated by Avril Lavigne", her very first song.

Avril Lavigne new song
Avril Lavigne