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Popular-Unpopular opinions about ABC's Modern Family, according to Netizens!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Modern Family has been my pandemic partner, 250 episodes of pure fun and laughter. I recommend the show to anyone and everyone all the time, if you haven't watched MODERN FAMILY, watch it now.

Modern Family Popular Unpopular Opinions

"There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You'd think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not the opposite is true. You see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists, well without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground"- Modern Family

The Indian Janta can watch Modern Family on Disney+Hotstar.

Today, I am going to share some popular-unpopular opinions about the show; we did a similar segment for Squid Game and we collected opinions from Reddit, Instagram comments, Youtube Comments, Pinterest and Blogs. Tough work, right? Well, you can reward us by sharing the post :P

"I agree with this. Haley's pregnancy was expected and somewhat predictable. I know she's supposed to be in the same position that Claire was in when she was pregnant with Haley, but, in a way, Alex actually fit that role instead. Like Claire, she had just graduated college and was exploring different careers. Also, personality-wise, I'd say Alex is far more like Claire than Haley is; they're both uptight, competitive, hard-working and perfectionistic. While I would prefer if neither Haley, nor Alex, became suddenly pregnant in an uncertain relationship, I think it would be interesting to see Alex handle it."- Reddit user

Modern Family Popular Unpopular Opinions

"Lily’s character really developed as the seasons went on. I thought her acting got a lot better and the writing for her character improved."- Reddit user

Well, I really agree on this one. I think Lily was a great character with less screen time, Lily's character was sassy and neutralized Mitch and Cam's drama.

"So I was a really big friends fan and thought its the best tv show ever. Then i started to watch modern family and tbh, modern family is wayy more funnier and relatable. Friends is great but in my opinion, it is overrated. The scenarios and the common things like Monica's big apartment, ross and rachel, Rachel's job going from waitress to fashion, they all having coffee all the damn time is unrealistic." - Quora User

Umm, well, Yes. Where's the lie?

Modern Family Popular Unpopular Opinions

"Also, I think Alex would be better suited to a goofy, fun-loving, optimistic partner than Haley, who is probably better off with someone a little more responsible and grounded, like Andy (who's goofy and responsible at the same time) or Arvin, would. If Alex's boyfriend mirrored Phil, he and Alex would lead a more realistic full-circle storyline than Haley and Dylan would." - Reddit User

"I believe that there was one particularly dark moment where Gloria said something really cruel to Jay. When Jay said that Manny would not be able to live with doing something bad and lying to cover up for himself, Glora stared Jay up and down and gave him a disgusted look while saying “You’ll be surprised with what people can live with, Jay.” I understand that was done for comedy purposes but I think the show overdid this and made it appear as if the two were in a dysfunctional or unloving relationship. It was a cruel comment that was uncalled for. Gloria has made other nasty comments about Jay dying very soon, which appears heartless and you can’t help but feel sorry for Jay instead of laughing. I think people tend to overlook moments like that, but some things are just not funny if not executed well. And I say this, even though Gloria is my favourite character. I think such scenes were dark and should have been omitted." - Quora User

What do you think?

"I hated that Cam and Mitchell + fam moved to Missouri. I just didn’t like that. (I guess I might be super biased as I am from LA, where the show takes place)." - Reddit user

Modern Family Popular Unpopular Opinions

Ending this with a "Fire and Nice" picture, true fans know what I am talking about!

Modern Family Popular Unpopular Opinions

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