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Why are "Pringles" more expensive than the traditional chips?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

What if I tell you "Pringles" are not chips! Originally launched by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1967, the chances of you not spotting a pack of Pringles on your grocery store "tour" are low. Pringles are sold in more than 140 countries and the price of the product is more or less considered a "premium snack" in most of these countries.

why are pringles expensive/ costly

Though, Pringles are often compared with Lay's , Cheetos , Doritos and other chips , the company claimed that they are not the traditional potato chips because they do not have enough potato content to call them so. Pringles are made with dehydrated potato , rice and some other ingredients. it took a court case to prove that Pringles are actually potato "crisps". Yes, a court case!

Pringles previously refused to pay the usual VAT on potato chips as they claimed they were not potato chips , after a court case on P&G they had to pay about $160 million as unpaid taxes to Britain after which the packaging of the product claims that they are "potato crisps".

A few years ago, Pringles were sold to Kellogg's for $2.7 billion and is the fourth most popular snack in the market.

Coming to the main question- Why are Pringles so expensive?

The easy answer would be , they have a better packaging and they do not sell air :P But, if we dive deeper , Pringles are not the regular chips, the ingredients of the product are different, the packaging style is premium , they are non greasy , each "crisp" has the exact same size and shape and they are "stackable". A regular bag of Lay's lacks all of these of qualities.

Does that make Pringles unique? YES.

Does that create a monopoly for the product? MAYBE.

To add to their uniqueness, Pringles are sold in about a 100 different flavours around 140 countries! Also, Bradd Pitt starred in their commercial once.

Fun Fact- Fredrick Baur , the chemist behind the shape of the Pringles container spent 2 years to find the perfect shape and size of the container (tube) in which these "stackable" Pringles could be places with utmost perfection.

When he died , a few of his remains were buried in a Pringle's box.

Now, how crazy is that!

Complicated machineries were developed so that each crisp is of the exact shape and size , stackable, non greasy and placed in such a way in a perfectly designed tube so that it doesn't break.

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why are pringles expensive / costly

Maybe, Pringles just deserve the recognition they get. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below!

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