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Let's review K-Dramas : Something in the Rain

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

After watching my first K-drama "Crash Landing on You" , I decided to watch another one. "Something in the Rain" felt like a comfortable choice. The lead actress of both the shows was the same ; honestly , I didn't put a lot of effort while choosing my second K-drama , I went with whatever Netflix recommended.

Something in the Rain Netflix Review Korean Drama

Just like Crash Landing on You, "Something in the Rain" felt like an amalgamation of too many stories - the usual (forbidden) love story, workplace harassment story , a "crazy-ex" story and a few more.

The story makes a "little" progress in each episode. No, they are not the usual American TV show length episodes ; each episode is 1.5 hour long. If you are newcomer in the K-drama world (like me) , you might feel like jumping a few scenes here and there or just increasing the playback speed. But again, it wouldn't be fair to compare American TV shows and K-dramas ; each has its own flavour.

"Something in the Rain" is a good , light hearted show ; typically, the kind of show you can watch after a long tiring day - no mysteries , no suspense. Give your mind a little break and dive into the K-drama world with a hot cup of coffee (or ramen). Also, these K-dramas can get "cheesy" , be prepared.

Something in the Rain Netflix Review Korean Drama

"Something in the Rain" subtly challenges a lot of societal norms like workplace harassment and the unsaid dating rules our society imposes on us.

While watching the show, you will surely notice the mass consumption of alcohol by the characters. Each scene, each meal the characters drink heavily- alone, in groups , with family, in restaurants , bars , karaoke places. Every alternate episode, one or the other character gets drunk and has to be supported by other people. I was pretty shocked no one in the K-drama ended up in the hospital for liver malfunctioning,

Soon-Ye Jin carries ordinary outfits with grace throughout the show. The screenplay is simple yet powerful and each character adds an irreplaceable element to "Something in the Rain". The background scores of the show definitely deserve a mention.

Something in the Rain Netflix Review Korean Drama

IMDb rating of "Something in the Rain" is 8.1/10. Clearly, K-drama enthusiasts love the show!

You can watch "Something in the Rain" on Netflix.

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