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Sketchbook ideas : Get CREATIVE

Trying new designs is always a good idea. Being a self taught artist , I know how it gets really difficult to find inspiration and offer an amazing piece every time. So, I thought of putting up few of my pieces in this blog , the materials I used to make them and I am sure this will help you find some inspiration for your next great piece.

Some pieces I made during the quarantine( sheets used - Brustro watercolour sheets ) , I am not the typical "sketchbook person" mainly because it is easier to frame these art works than the one in a sketchbook. However , if you are looking for a good sketchbook I recommend the Brustro Sketchbook - it is not that expensive and it is a good quality sketchbook. ( Click the names of the products to check them out )

What kind of art works I like to create ?

1, Mandalas

2. Cartoons ( specially Calvin and Hobbes - nothing's better)

3. hand lettering

4. Madhubani designs

5. Scribble art

6. Doodles


Hand lettering a Disney quote is never a bad idea. I used camlin water colour cakes on an ivory sheet and used the uniball ink pen to write the quote.

Alternate pens you can use -

Try using the pens you are the most comfortable with. The quality more or less is the same and it's your skill that would matter the most.

Use synthetic brushes to paint the backgrounds on ivory sheets and pony hair brushes for water colour sheets.

This is a Bohemian - Egyptian kinda art and it took more than 5 hours to make this one. This has been done on an A4 size ivory sheet and a mix of fineliners and uniball ink pen.

If you aren't sure about what fineliner pens to go for - choose between brustro , Faber castell or micron and DITCH other brands. These are the best ones out there.

Minimalistic pen arts are easy , beautiful and worth framing. I always like the vibe of minimalistic pieces. This one is a "travel" themed minimalistic art work.

Again , use fineliners for perfection.

This one is a line art piece.

These Faber Castell brushes are really cool and a budget friendly pick.

I made this art piece using them-

If you are a beginner, it is important to have the right equipment to start , trashy equipments may lower your confidence and you might just leave the idea. So get good , budget friendly products that are appropriate for a beginner artist.

Recommended products for beginners -

  1. Brustro fineliners -

  2. A basic sketchbook -


3. Ivory sheets -

4. Synthetic brushes -

5. Watercolor cakes -

I hope you found this post helpful , Stay tuned for more such content!

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