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Sketchbook stories: How I learnt to draw from scratch

I used to draw random figures, disordered lines when I was little, around 4 - 5 years old. Instead of giving me toys to make me busy, my mom used to give me paper and pencil whenever she wanted me busy. Art fascinated me from a very young age and this "genetic" fascination was from my father, he's a great artist, he has excelled in oil painting, sketching, sculpting and the list goes on and I'm glad that I have all of his traits in me. He never taught me a thing, the natural curiosity and never ending practices brought me where I am today.

learn to draw

I've grown watching my dad's artworks and he's the only inspiration I had, have and will ever have. From random scribbling to random paintings, from fashion arts to landscapes to portraits, I cannot find a thing which I'd like to avoid in my journey of art.

learn to draw
There are situations in everyone's lives where they're short of words, a point where words aren't enough to express what they feel and that's where 'art' shines, the word "art" is such a broad term, each and everything present in this universe is art, only if you have the right vision.

After years of exploring , for now I've kind of found my thing in making graphite and charcoal portraits and have been taking orders since the quarantine happened plus I was drawing really well and with immense encouragement of family and friends I felt proud of my art.

learn to draw

The people who try to bargain with artists must realise art is not just a paper and a pencil, it's so much more than that, I as an artist can assure you that an artwork has everything in it each emotion of the artist , what the artist is going through during the process of creating that artwork, all those feelings are depicted in the artwork , hours and hours of hard work, years and years of experience and last but not least, love. No artist can draw anything unless they really , wholeheartedly want to , so people should respect and acknowledge art and artists and not consider a drawing , a sculpture or any piece of art as if an ordinary good.

learn to draw

Art is something that makes me proud, something that makes me feel different, it really gives me a lot of confidence and satisfaction. My art definitely makes me happy , confident and "different" from the crowd!

Connect with me on Instagram @Karandraws , you can even order a customized artwork for your friends and loved ones!

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