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Supreme Court issues a notice to Amazon and 'Mirzapur' as the show tarnishes the image of UP!

A Mirzapur resident filed a plea in the Supreme Court to "protect the image" of Mirzapur district in UP. He claimed that the series "tarnishes" the image of Mirzapur and depicts it as a city of goons. He claims that the series' description of Mirzapur insults the people of the district; Mirzapur, UP has a population of about 30 lakh.

 Mirzapur Supreme court , Tandav

Previously, "Tandav" , an amazon prime series, starring Saif Ali Khan , Dimple Kapadia , Gauhar Khan and others was also caught in a similar controversy wherein certain scenes insulted Hindus , the SC got involved and those scenes were removed from "Tandav". Similar cases were filed against "A Suitable Boy" , "Patal Lok" and "Aashram".

Tandav Mirzapur

Similarly in Britain, Netflix was pressured to put a disclaimer before each episode of "The Crown" claiming that the series was fictional as the series "insulted" the Queen and the Royal family of England. Even the Queen couldn't pressure Netflix enough! The makers of "The Crown" in return publicly insulted "The Queen".

Censorship of OTT
The Crown

This is exactly how far we have gone now in this battle of "What should be depicted Vs what shouldn't be" , "Creative freedom Vs Censorship"

With the increasing popularity of web content , makers have a sort of creative liberty and the lack of "stringent" censorship on the web content facilitates the makers to show whatever they want to. Due to this , we as an audience, have had access to some amazing Indian "out of the box" content , but "too much" of this freedom has also made a major part of the web content "borderline vulgar" and the use of abusive language has become common which leaves us wondering how important is the censorship of these OTT platforms!

Nowadays, the release of every show is followed by a bunch of controversies and sometimes, even a couple of petitions are filed in the Supreme Court.

Is this the right time to introduce a regulatory framework for OTT platforms? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

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