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Tamasha , Carl Roger's Congruence theory and the journey of finding ourselves

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Ved: Tujhe toh pyar ho gaya pagli

Tara: Han , han Ved

Ved: Par kisi aur se

Tamasha isn't just a movie , it is the journey of finding ourselves. Each Imtiaz Ali movie touches a different string every time I watch them but Tamasha moved me; it raised questions about identity , monotony and the never ending rat race in my head ; questions that are so relevant to the life we are living right now.

Tamasha talks about the monotony of the human life and how we are caught in a trap where we are forced to be what we are not.

The movie is based on Carl Roger's ' Congruence Theory '. The congruence theory discusses a state in which a person's ideal state and actual experience are consistent or similar, however such a state hardly exists.

" अंदर से कुछ और ही है हम और बाहर से मजबूर"

At the end of the day , everything comes down to the roles we are playing. This somehow reminds of the film "The Lunchbox" where each character plays their own role and hardly realises what he/she actually wants.

Ved , an extremely talented storyteller lives a mediocre life - he goes to work , tries impressing his boss , is well behaved and lives an ordinary life.

Occasionally , he looks into the mirror and it more or less seems like he is loathing himself for what he has become.

Ved's life is a struggle with his emotions , his inner self ; a free spirited person in Cosrica but an obedient , rule abiding person in his "real" life.

What is "reel" and what is "real"?

Tara , a hopeless romantic falls in love with Ved in Cosrica , tried finding him and finally realises that he isn't the man she met in Cosrica. She makes her realise who he actually is and ends up becoming the villain of his life. The " villain " here actually isn't Tara but Ved's inner struggle - a struggle of emotions , a struggle of identity.

"Main paida toh Don hua tha baad mai mediocre ho gaya."

What do you fear the most? Heights , spiders , snakes?

I fear the people who can see through me and one tends to push away his/ her fears. That's what Ved did.

"Tu kisi aur ki jagir hai jaan-e-jigar" says Ved and then the iconic " Agar Tum Saath Ho" starts playing.

The reality of our "actual self" might hide itself in this mad rat race and that's what the song "safarnama" is actually about.

"Safarnama sawalon ka" - each song has been put together with great thought , maybe that's how you design a movie with a deeper meaning.

Like every other Bollywood movie , Tamasha too has a happy ending. But , look around , look into the mirror , would the many Veds around us get a "happy ending " they deserve?

IMDb rating - 7.3/10

Where to watch ? Netflix or Airtel Xtreme

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