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Taylor Swift's Miss Americana - struggles of a women artist or a publicity stunt?

Taylor Swift is an extremely popular singer - songwriter with a controversial life. She rebuilt and redesigned herself several times ; her singing style evolved , the way she presented herself changed throughout her career and this documentary covered her struggles, her journey , her evolution and everything that followed.

The Netflix original was unique in its own manner and covered a lot from Taylor's personal and professional life - from the beginning of her career to her latest album "Lover". It also covered moments where she was insulted by Kanye West multiple times , the point where she made a political stance for the first time , her struggle with anxiety and depression and the point where she felt weak as a woman artist.

Miss Americana was a good entertaining documentary and I was glued to the screen but what we must not ignore are the life lessons it offered. It specially discussed about how we become too conscious of ourselves ; we feel the need to look "good" and "presentable". One starts counting everything he/she eats. There was a point where Taylor starved herself to look skinny.

"There’s always some standard of beauty that you’re not meeting. Because if you’re thin enough, then you don’t have that ass that everybody wants, but if you have enough weight on you to have an ass, then your stomach isn’t flat enough, ” she says.

What I comprehended from the series was that you could be rich and famous and UNHAPPY at the same time and the constant pressure of being "good" can ruin you. It's okay to be flawed , it's okay to be the bad person sometimes.

However , let's not miss the other aspect of Tay Tay's documentary. Miss Americana is a really good publicity stunt from the other point of view. Let's face it , that's what the celebrities have been doing all over the world. I do not deny the difficulties she might have faced but a documentary was a good way to monetize it and create a stir in the market again. Also, the fans were already aware about a lot of stuff that appeared in the film like the "Kanye West thing" , her mom's "cancer dog" , the making of her songs. We also had a hint about her eating disorder.

With an IMdb rating of 7.5/10, Miss Americana : Taylor Swift is an entertaining documentary and anyone who has heard Taylor's music and has liked it at some point or the other can watch the film.

What's your favourite Tay Tay song?

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