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  • Aditya Miglani

Tech Talks : Top 10 Chrome extensions that will make your life easier!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Almost every operating device in this world is associated with google in some way or another. People even use google to check if their internet connection is stable or not :p.

One of Google’s most popular application is web browser, Chrome.

top chrome extensions

Yes, we all know that Chrome is a super-fast browser and has many features. But, do you know that there are some ways which can be used to increase your productivity and make the most out of Chrome using its underrated and useful extensions? If you are unaware about these spectacular extensions, you came to the right place!

Picture in Picture Extension:

This can be used to enhance multitasking as you can view a video and do another task at the same time! Isn’t it amazing? Just click on the extension and that’s it!

top chrome extensions

Buster: Captcha Solver:

Who isn’t annoyed by the Captchas, which is ironically asked by a robot and you have to prove that you’re not a robot. Even their puzzles are absurd. This extension bypasses the captchas and saves you a ton of time!

top chrome extensions

My Memorizer Tool:

If you want to learn something but don’t have enough time or interest, then this extension is very useful for you. Just type the thing you wanna memorise and forget about it! The extension will make sure that you remember this thing as you’ll get multiple reminders and quizzies regarding that topic.

top 10 chrome extensions

Our lives would be a lot easier if emails also had seen feature. Well this feature exists! Install and register it with your gmail id. It will automatically give you the important analytics about an email like, when the message was seen, was the link opened? etc.

top 10 chrome extensions

Color Picker:

This tool is very useful , especially for designers. When you browse through the internet and come across some beautiful colors, then use this tool and drag the mouse pointer over to that color, the extension will copy the color code automatically.

top 10 chrome extensions


This tool is similar to color picker, it will let you know about the font style when you drag the mouse pointer over to a text.

top 10 chrome extensions


If you want to take a screenshot or recording of a tab, then screencastify is very helpful. It record the screen with audio, without any assistance from the third party apps.

top 10 chrome extensions

TDLR This:

Some articles are very useful, but you don’t have enough time to read it. You can then put that article into TDLR this and then the tool will automatically summarize it and shrink the article into some important points. Just keep in mind that this is done by an Artificial Intelligence, so it is possible that the summarisation may not be completely accurate.

top chrome extensions

Whatsapp Tabs by Cooby:

Those who operate their entire business tasks over WhatsApp, can use this extension to organise their messages and arrange the important and unimportant ones in different tabs. The app will sort WhatsApp chats automatically.

top 10 chrome extensions

App for Instagram:

Sometimes, You don’t have access to your smartphone and want to post something on instagram using a file which is located in your PC. Then you can use this extension to upload posts or stories directly from your computer.

These were my favourite chrome extensions! Feel free to share your favourite Chrome Extensions in the comments section below.