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The British Royals and their Nazi Connection - What Netflix's 'The Crown' tells us & what it doesn't

The British Royals are probably the most famous Royals of the world , "The House of Windsor" , as they call themselves has managed to hang around even when the other monarchies of the world were being overthrown and anti-monarchy sentiment was on a rise. Even today, they enjoy their "Royal" status , perform ceremonial duties and work closely with the government.

Let's discuss the question you are here for - Were the members of the Royal family Nazi sympathizers?

Prince Philip, aged 99 , husband of the Queen is not actually British , half German , half Greek , he fled his country in an orange crate. Prince Philip's real sisters were Nazis and married to Hitler's close friends. However, it is said that Princess Alice , Prince Philip's mother had nothing to do with the Nazis and even gave refuge to Jewish families.

Since, Prince Philp's favourite sister was a Nazi , married to a Nazi who was closely related to Hitler, can Prince Philip be called a Nazi sympathizer? Well, that's for you to decide.

Below is a picture of Prince Philip , surrounded by Nazis on his sister's funeral who died in a plane crash.

British Royals and the Nazis

The story of the Royal connection with the Nazis does not end here, Queen Elizabeth's uncle, David who was also the King for eight months , King Edward VIII too is said to be a Nazi sympathizer and it is said that he worked closely with the Nazis. Historians have photographic evidence of King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson shaking hands with Hitler and touring Hitler's Germany just after the "former King" had given up his Crown due to his love for Wallis Simpson , a twice divorcee who the system could not accept as the Queen of England.

Below is a picture of King Edward VIII , his wife , Wallis Simpson and Hitler.

British Royals and the Nazis

At that point , fascism was the trend. Leaving apart the propaganda, Hitler had achieved results other governments had not been able to - especially on the unemployment front ; was the "former King" , later known as the Duke of Windsor just curious or was he a Nazi sympathizer? It is even said that the Duke of Windsor shared confidential information of Britain with Hitler. Later, the Duke settled in Paris while Britain was at war with Germany. The new king, Queen Elizabeth's father was asked before the war if his brother David could be trusted with information , the King clearly denied.

What if I told you the Royal family of Britain has German roots!

The Royal family of Britain wasn't originally known as the "House of Windsor" , the family was originally called Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, that is clearly a German name.


A German bomber group had shaken up Britain at that time, bombs were being dropped on schools and there was a lot of agitation in the country. Interestingly, that German bomber group was also called Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. At that point, the Royals knew it was time for them to "Rebrand" themselves; hence the name "House of Windsor" emerged.

Below is a newspaper clipping dated July 17,1917 ; the British Royal family had just changed their name to Windsor.

British Royals and the Nazis

Below is the picture of the plane of the bombers Saxe-Coburg-Gotha , they played a major role in generating an anti-German sentiment in Britain.

The cartoon below shows King George V , Queen Elizabeth's grandfather sweeping away their German name (on 17 July, 1917) and rebranding themselves as a "British family" - from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor. Today, most people probably do not even know that the British Royals aren't really British. Originally, the family was German and Prince Philp too is half Greek , half German ; the irony!

British family and the Royals

A lot of significant people were secretly related to the Nazis. If you dive deep into History , you would realise the kind of impact the Nazis had on the world and I am pretty sure Hitler did not rise to power out of nowhere, he sure had his connections and information sources at all levels and parts of the world. It is said that Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy too, however, today, CHANEL is a leading luxury brand and their "re-branding" makes sure that these Nazi connections are well hidden for the safety of the brand.

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